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Nice, i'll try this new version
197 days ago
Hi bro, can I use some scenes of the trailer of this mod? because I am working on a new trailer of this mod and I would like to use some of your scenes, I hope I have expressed myself well (PD: sorry for using this medium to contact you is that I did not find another one, sorry :'( )
247 days ago
the mod is great but I would like it to be available on all maps
294 days ago
I hope this project is not abandoned because it seems that it will be a great mod for bo1
307 days ago
I Have an idea for this mod, I thought it is cool if had a menu before the first round that will allow you to change the config for the spawn of the zombies.

Something like

Dogs on/off
Bosses on/off
Exo Zombies on/off
Special Zombies on/off

352 days ago


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