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Lol I don't know how to zone and enfield i understand is broken and i will fix the ak. and kino is my second map.
2008 days ago
No Goerge, Pack doesn't move, General Ideas. And kino just needs zoning  ;D. Hopefully GTT will zone it because i have no idea how to xD
2020 days ago
i'm remaking call of the dead after this one  ;D
2020 days ago
I wanna use these in my kino 1930 release.... but how do i install them  :D
2021 days ago
Just letting you know that your pack is floating  ;)
2021 days ago
I Started At 1 Am and its 3 pm and i'm somewhat close to being finished with mapping
And there will be phd, Mule, Stamin, and Deadshot all in new areas along with a box locater as seen in the real kino
2023 days ago
Mine is How Kino Should have been.
Same, Yet New Layout.
More World War 2 Guns
Buyable Ray Gun
Outside Area
And Various new Things You Will Have to Wait For  ;)
2023 days ago
Thanks For The Support lol
Appreciate all the replies!
2023 days ago
Thanks Fatboypro Will do!  ;D
2023 days ago
Hello Everyone!
This is my second map.
I Thought i would do a Kino Remake But with a twist that its a 1930 version with new locations and an outside playable area!
And Old hospital Building next to the ally You can Play in!
Added Weapons!
Custom Pack a Punch Camo!
Buyable Ray Gun!
Same, Yet new Layout!
Buyable Ammo!
Buyable Ending!
Various Training Locations For 4 Player Awesomeness!  ;D

This Is How Kino Was Before the Outbreak Took Over The World.
Dr. Ludwig Maxis and his colleges Are in search of a theatre to show off Der riese's Teleporter System.
He Settled On This one, He First Needed To Make Some Changes Before The Teleporter Arrives In Order To Assure it fits. The Hospital Across The Street Seemed Like a perfect place to test 115 with the teleporter. You can Guess What Happened. Eradicate All ZOMBIES To Move on to original Kino. (Black Ops)

Update 1/17/15
Fixed Errors in Launcher.
Added Hospital Rooms!
Fixed Gun issues.
Added Thundergun. (Will Not Have Pack. Is Already OP)
Still Mapping!
Estimated Release Date 3/10/15! (ON SCHEDULE)

Update 2/10/15
Exactly a month later, Everything fixed. Now we are finishing the hospital and wall weapons. Then Zoning!
And After That A RELEASE! Beta of course.

Update 1/10/15
I just fixed my computer so now i can map again.
Kino is having mapping issues. It will not update in the mod even though i have ran the patch and such.
Anyway, i have added the hospital. And a custom outside area where deadshot is. Sorry no screenshots. like i said kino is having issues. I will try and fix these in a timely fashion Thanks for reading :D

Update 12/27/14
I have Expanded the map with mule room and a new pack room and all 4 main room spawners/barriers are added.
also i might get the fire trap for the room next to the ally, if i can port it. I am mapping hard! Hopefully the community will like this map when it is finished.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Please NOTE: All Screenshots do NOT represent the finished product and/or experience!

Special Thanks!
Rorke: Help / Awesomeness
Zomb1e-Kllr: Tutorials
GttClan: Zoning tutorials /  General Help / Zoning of the map
Blackjackjohnny: Detail Tutorials
Smasher248: Competition
Treminaor: Ugx Forums xD

Mapping Layout 100%
Detail 40%
Easter Eggs 30%
Guns 50%
Zoning / Spawners 20%
2023 days ago
I'm donating to get requim and try this challenge. When i do Wanna play?
2033 days ago
If your getting an error (I got one) Reinstall Your waw and install this map and everything will be good in the hood
2033 days ago
I Was Going for Escape From the dead/undead
But google translate messed everything up

Double Post Merge: December 15, 2014, 01:17:34 am
I'm Finished with mapping and now ill upload more images of the map and its surroundings.
Again this is my  first map so i hope you guys will love it!
2033 days ago
i luv this map. i cant stop playing it but i HATE that watcher guy. he always sees me and i get trapped in that room and get killed. sometimes im lucky and run out on time but most of the time i dont. is there a way to escape or not. honestly i just want that thing out of this glorious map.

When your there just train and get anywhere between 30-75 kills from the zombies that spawn and you will be able to leave. thats my experience.
2034 days ago
Seems Like a difficult task.
But then again i go down on cotd on round 5 by George!

2034 days ago


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