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Messages - Uk_ViiPeR

I am sick to death of seeing a post about how sick to death everyone is  :troll:
8 years ago
Just incase noone has caught this yet... a little preview of custom zombies in bo3!

all thanks to UGO
8 years ago
Feed them lots and lots of bacon, just to shut them up that is. oh. and laugh when they put an extra pound of anger on, just because winding them up is the best bit about salty people. you give no fucks, they get the feels.
8 years ago
copyright can be a bitch, you even need permission sometimes to even modify *remix* a song. this is mainly on mainstream streaming sites such as youtube and soundcloud. its a pain i know...
8 years ago
Let me tell you my run. Spawned, stayed in spawn till i got 5k. Noticed box were in spawn. Rolled box. Got Ghersh. Opened the two doors. Got mp5. Camped where double tap is for 2 rounds. Opened the door which i think it was for power but he changed it, opened some doors to look for power and found it. But i was missing some points. In the mean time found some parts for sliq and sheild. Placed the sliq parts. And picked the car door. Killed last guy and here we go first gun drop. Graped it. Scar H. And after the jugger dude came. The zombie cash. Kept spamming. Like 10 drop every 5 rounds.... I could go on but it's really big talk.

"How to beat A stevie 101"
8 years ago
Congrats on the 1.1 release hitman!

Although i do have a slight request....

Spoiler: click to open...
Spoiler: click to open...
Spoiler: click to open...
Spoiler: click to open...
Spoiler: click to open...
add more trees
8 years ago
Call Of Smack: Hit That Crack
8 years ago
We did not leak his info nor would either of us want too,  And plus user GunofTruth has sent proof to trem on Skype.

I'm sorry but how does proof solve this exectly?

-  you could just not say anything and sign harrys skype up on a dating website.
- or if its proof that jzob said it does it prove he actually did it?

unless you have video proof of him actually doing it then i don't see how this 'proof' will aid the both of you.

edit: last time i recall @gunoftruth you always had proof didn't you? everything you said about in the past (whether it was bo3 models or whatever) you had proof for but want to know the funny thing about that...we're still waiting on all the proof you havent shown us yet.
8 years ago
Thats way better than I can say about this

To be honest i saw this coming and had harry's back all the way, nobody deserves it and i stand up for everyone who is in the right. and devour the ones who are in the wrong. the books can be slammed at them both now because it is a law now (abuse over the internet) in many states.

Oh a quick little update to my last post for everybody to see:

Gun is now claiming himself and cow did not send his skype to the dating website. but here's a question boys...isn't it a coincidence that "jzob" sent his skype on the SAME DAY as this incident? its like jzob was always here according to you both...or was it because jzob was bored? 'IT WAS JZOB' is not an excuse. this resembles to the typical 'deer' shit again...stand up and own up to your own mistakes rather than blame everybody else around you. we know one of you did it now fucking own up to it.

once again, drama at ugx. caused by some low-lifes who have nothing better to do with their lives.

To moderators and admins: i understand that there is a rule enforced about how i am acting right now, i'm sorry that i've broken it but you need to understand where the community is coming from. Most of the community wouldn't step out and say these issues in the past because they felt limited to what they could say but as you've know over the last few months a selective few people have stood up for each other to prevent these sort of 'hiccups' happening and to be honest i'm glad they did, they didn't deserve to be disrespected like that had been.

I'm an honest guy, and will say what i believe is right. nobody will change that for me and thats how it should remain to be.
8 years ago
I have said sorry as you can see above :'(

But you don't mean it do you? you can't understand because you're still a child. you may call it 'memes' but after knowing the struggle harry has had over the last few days wouldn't you both have the fucking decency to leave the poor guy alone. this is harassment and using his skype on a dating spam website is bang right out of fucking order. you ever heard of privacy? seriously people like you two are the reason why the community will go down hill. what was a second family has become a total nightmare to most of us, and yes its not just you two; but you both never helped the situation. all i hear is excuse after a excuse and you continue to play the 'i didn't know' card. if you didn't know do as i said in chat and THINK before you fucking say something. i'm not being funny but if you were both decent human beings you would understand that the internet is not just a 'meme central' some people take shit seriously and people like you both are the reason why abuse happens on the internet.

but @gunoftruth all i can say is that this is not the first time youve done this. i've had harassment off you in the past over pathetic reasons and i thought you actually were going to grow up since that point...i was proven wrong. I don't care what you think but i want you banned, and always have done. this community was much better when 'memers and trolls' didn't come here to shit on everybody else.

I'm sick and tired of this shit, honestly the both of you grow the fuck up before you get lamped one oneday.
8 years ago
1) Port over waw current projects and continue development (and officially start my next collab project properly)
2) Focus mainly on the mapping side after the first project is complete, i don't want to do the scripting anymore.
3) release a bunch of 'tools' to aid map development (as seen with my real time tweaker)
4) Port over my 25k models and 20k textures over ready for future use.
5) learn how the more technical things work (like UI, engine related stuff)
6) extend my maps by at least double the size than what they currently are.
7) mess around with the new fx and sound tools
8 years ago
I can wait a couple of more months (or at least until BO3 tools have been released)
were you one of the people who recieved the alpha tools? just curious

unfortunately no i did not, but i guess it was down to what experience you had and where they were looking. i'd rather the alpha tools to be tested and end up nearly bug free in comparison to the current version (if they found any that is) just saves us in the long run really.
8 years ago
Hello everyone, today i'm bringing some up to date news about the project and what will be happening in the future, now don't be affraid with what i'm about to say because there is a silver light to it.

The Shadowlands Project for W@W has been cancelled for now. unfortunately due to the amount of limitations with the engine itself i regret to inform you that the project won't be at its full potential with this version of the engine. there are many reasons to this but i will explain them below.

- The map capability is limiting, the original plan was to make a single map have a "open world" feel to it. while fitting with the world and other gamemodes.

- Custom content has been restricted, this effects how much content is used within the UI or ingame.

- The maps i've already designed and are ready i'm just not happy with, they have so much more potential and could really use a 'remastered' look to it.

- This also helps me focus on doing the DLC maps ready in advance.

Currently, this project will be held mainly for BO3 as we have a wide range of new tools to mess around with and i can meet the higher standard i've always wanted.

There will be a W@W version shortly after the BO3's version is released, but it will have to be a LITE version because of the stated issues above, but will function nearly the same as bo3's version just with less content and access.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience and false hopes (especially after the recent pre-alpha preview video) but i hope you all understand why i'm doing this.

This WIP thread will remain the main topic until a bo3 section is open, it will stay open and i will continue to show updates and progression overtime. i have a lot to show you all soon, but please stand by for now.

See you in the future,

8 years ago
Yeah you did it right! youre on the waiting list ready for either testing or release, you decide closer to the time :)
8 years ago
Sneak preview is now on youtube! you can check it out below :) early stages and much work to do but hope you enjoy! :)

8 years ago
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