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As in two separate, but similar mods is what I'm trying to get at here.
494 days ago
Perhaps you might consider just releasing another version of the mod that removes the modern weapons and replace them with the rest of the COD WWII arsenal instead? That way people would be able to choose between all out old school guns or a balance between modern and old school -> (AKA the mod as it is currently).
494 days ago
Just curious, but will any more guns be added in future updates like the rest of the COD WWII family, or is the mod just about complete?

P.S. - This is the best cod zombies mod I know of imo, great work! :D

498 days ago
Thanks for the tip :), found out the source of the issue was that my friend merely just downloaded and installed the wrong version of the file.
500 days ago
My friend wants to play the mod with me, and we're able to play the waw maps, but everytime he tries to boot up any of the black ops maps like kino der toten or call of the dead, etc., the game crashes for him and gives him an error saying something like, "exceeds (1000) xmodels". Is there a fix for this?

Double Post Merge: May 12, 2019, 11:18:43 pm
My bad, the error is more like,
"exceeds "1000" xmodels.
501 days ago


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