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The Conquered
Mapping Progress

Behind The Scenes Progress
You get lost and find yourself in the land of the conquered.
Mysterious powers seem to resonate from further in the castle. Do you have what it takes to conquer the conquered or will you be vanquished like the rest?
So I have spent months working in the background figuring things out better to my liking. I finally hit the worldspawn settings I've been wanting so I began building. I've spent a longtime thinking about this map style and have now have begun. Currently I am porting over all the models I'll need to continue the correct theme/vibe. (slowly) I have a lot of other things added as well and more to come. I am currently trying to do this map piece by piece, day by day to keep it easy on my head. In another words slow. Everything you see is Alpha state and may change such as details. Currently the progress is simple like I said behind the scenes lol. Also I have a lot to fix code wise. such as fire staff :/it currently causes the fx on the other staffs to not work once fired. Honestly have to figure out why lol, im sure its simple.
(-- Complex content (will be) removed from blockquote --)

Current Features:

Bo3 Weapons
Bo2 Staffs (2/4) Working Correctly
Bo1-2-3 Perks
Randomized Perk Machine Loactions
 Afterlife (Not added to due to lots of bugs at the moment, working on fixing)

Current Credits:
Harrybo21 (Perks)
Tim Smith
Dukip (The Hud)
There are still more people I will be adding to the list :)

I know I have many previous projects but I consider this my first real one. I mapped so much worse than I do now, most of them were built incorrectly, upon other things.
 honestly it's amazing but i think i have to wait to play this map:(
157 days ago
Dr. Lilrobot

download link:
180 days ago


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