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Still playing the heck out of this mod, once I actually followed instructions and learned what to do during a black load screen, aha. >>
I must say, the newest version with the winnable game is really cool. Only beat one map so far, nacht, at round 38, but I hope to beat a few more in the near future! Like, with the endgame now, this mod is pretty much perfection, my only nitpick is the fact my fave shotgun the trench gun is just a grenade launcher like in blops 4, but then you guy gave it the switchable ammo type from a shotgun that spews pellets that are sniper rounds and the rocket launcher sooo...yeah thanks for that! This mod is pretty much the best mod for black ops, and probably the best gameplay overhaul for any game I played in a long, long time. Kudos!
494 days ago
Ha, okay, that did the trick, the /map restart. Thanks! Really fun mod now that I can try it out on all the maps. Really fun, from the weapons, bosses, everything. Really does feel like a spirtual succesor to zct, alongside the ugx 1.4 mod that added bosses and all that. Thanks for your, and the rest of your team's hard work on this mod!
500 days ago
Yeah, der riese, verruckt, call, shang and kino just black load screen then boto me to the menu. If I had to guess, maybe your mod is keeping them from loading multiplayer assets? I think most, if not all of those maps that aren't working for me, have that in common.
500 days ago
Verruckt keeps crashing for me, sadly. Besides that....yeah, holy crap this mod is amazing. It's like if killing floor, black ops 1 zombies, and that zombie chicken taco mod for waw have a twisted love child, but in all the best ways. Looooving it.
502 days ago


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