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how do u get the grey radiant theme?

know a very late response smasher but i do believe that is a whole custom windows 7 theme like 3rd party support theme, a lot of messing with windows files lol.
1357 days ago
wins glad to see you released it smasher :) great map :)
1595 days ago
Everyone can play it now. I got the map and put it below for anyone to dl for free:

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

lol best comment yet
1603 days ago
elfenliedtopfan5 is now doing power station! Thanks for stepping up!

Your welcome I hated tranzit massively but quite exited to be a part of its recreation for custom zombies lets show treyarch how it should have been done
1676 days ago
yeah that dont change anything :( i know its a font issue with radiant because this is not a theme its the text are just black blocks and i do believe that is like when you get chinance writing on menu when you try and change a font well it effected my radaint managed to fix it for menu but dont know how it could effect radiant but it has just dont know what font radiant uses :( or where its located )
1929 days ago
ok i been living like this now for like nearly a year and no matter what i do i cant seem to fix it :( does anyone know how this could happen

as you can see just black blocks dont know what could be causing it been using same mod tools for like 2 years the only thing i might think that could cause it was the menu font i changed ages ago but cant be sure really need some help with this to be able to create good sized building and keep brushes inline ect any help would be much apreashated

1930 days ago
hello ugx members i did a honey badger custom anims i will be at some stage doing a little update on them but will post updated link here once done but this is what i got and feel free to add it into your zombie map all is done just drag and drop

thanks elfenliedtopfan5

youtube link
1949 days ago
do you have lights round that area hitman if so and you dont have a reflection probe on it try that thats a guess i dont really work with spec maps but if there is not a light with a reflection probe then that might be causing the issue your having

1949 days ago
are you sure you installed the mod tools in order like 1.1 1.1.2 1.2 ect then add sniperbolts prefabs ect

that is what usually causes that issue well it was for me if there is another cause for it it would not suprize me lol hope it helps

1949 days ago
winrar is free yes it runs out of trial but never stops you using it therefore its free

nice find tho

1974 days ago
is there any reason why when i try and export it gives me this error ?  and i loaded up the window/plugin manager and click load on the on both of those file and it gives me error  and reason why it dose this 
2186 days ago
try having it on model phong instead of world if you have maya

then try this

how to add a moving texure to a default gun waw custom zombies

if that helps your issue :)

2312 days ago
have had this error before but cant for the life of me think of what might cause it :( but i have mod tools up to date and all the programs run as admin just thort i would clear that before i post lol

here is the error

2312 days ago
i changed the fonts in menu and fucked up the folder put it in mp fonts and it fucked up radaint some how but fixed it now just got to sort asset manager lol and im back to normal lol
2312 days ago
lol its ok i think i fixed it was somethink in fonts that messed it up lol :P i got radaint to load just need to sort out assert manager witch i know the issue i think :P thanks for all your help :) :P
2314 days ago


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