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Which map?
 It's a map I'm working on atm, and I haven't uploaded it yet. I also noticed that if I have my fps limit set to 1000, when the game freezes, the number BESIDE the fps counter (cg_drawfps 1) goes to 2147483647, and goes back to normal. My game runs perfectly normal otherwise.
248 days ago
Whenever I test my map, there is huge lag spikes and the game basically freezes for 3 seconds. It happens about 5 seconds after the game loads, after getting certain items from the box, and at random points in the game as well. When other people are in the game they simply get a connection interrupted. I also tried letting a friend host and now HE is the one with the freezes and I get a connection interrupted. I really don't know what could be causing it. I don't get these freezes on any other custom map, nor can I find any info on this.
249 days ago


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