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Hallo fellas hope you are well. I am asking about maps song. I know its not suitible here but i didnt know where to open this topic. If we come to my problem is like i was playing BATTERY map from th's froums map in black ops 1's topic. (

I played with my friend and ti was great time to do. But i wanna ask that a random song played while we were playing in the map i tried took some words from it and it says something like ''i wish you...'' and goes on. I did take only this part because of my native language is not english. Now i am asking that what is song name of it. Thanks for the feedback
11 days ago
Hallo fellas. I played with my friend and ti was great time to do. But i wanna ask that a random song played while we were playing in the map i tried took some words from it and it says something like ''i wish you...'' and goes on. I did take only this part because of my native language is not english. Now i am asking that what is song name of it. Thanks for the feedback
12 days ago


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