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you should add guns to the mod
2184 days ago
This map can be downloaded from the UGX Map Manager.

congrats for making it in the map manager chroma
2184 days ago
Thanks everyone for the continued support. As Im nearing completion to this project, I have decided to add in one more enemy type (as the result of me removing many other bosses) which will be found in a new area I have planned that is slightly more open then the current areas I have now. The purpose of this is to allow you to move around a bit more, while still making this area kind of risky to stay in.

The preview video to this new enemy can be found here:

Now I need some feedback on this. I don't currently have a "punishment" or downside if he is able to sound the alarm. I thought about spawning more AI, but didn't see that as to big of a deal to the player. I want to do something that will make the players not want to get caught, but not insanely bad to the point where it will ruin there game. Any ideas are welcome!

That looks so cool but does he do anything else besides stand there?
2184 days ago
That's sweet. I look forward to this. Keep up the good work
2187 days ago
One of the maps I look forward to the most. You should add the giant robots fallen in different parts of the map
2188 days ago
If people cant follow ZK's scripts then it isn't ZK's fault, its the map makers fault. I watched his tutorials when I first started out and they worked 100% for me, never had any problems. Why? because I knew what I was doing and I wasn't putting stuff in the wrong place. If people struggle with his scripts then maybe they don't have the brain capacity to understand simple stuff.

2189 days ago
I actually enjoyed this map, I guess I don't hate on box maps as hard as others, beat it in 15 rounds. I probably would have had it done in earlier rounds if it wasn't for me feeding the box with points for the MG08. I don't think the starting rounds are too hard, just be aware. Only suggestion, add pap camos to thunder gun and ray gun m2. +1 for you
2190 days ago
where is jugg?
2190 days ago
and yet another post, to advise that they used the "request  beta" button, so as to not POST a request for beta...

And yet another account whereby this is the first and only post...

This just gets silly doesnt it...

Amazing looking map though guys, keep up the hard work

he didn't request it by commenting on it, he simply stated that he did by using the request beta button. so slow your role
2203 days ago
Love it, only complaint, you can hardly get head shots, please fix
2213 days ago
It sounded interesting, but it was obviously a hoax.

Between the fact there would be a lot of backlash for including probably religious demons and hell-spawn, and extra achievements (When all 50 have been released already, and as far as I know, it only seems like select first-party companies that work with Sony may break that 50 achievement base limit.) it was pretty obvious.

I can see why a lot of people hoped for this though. They felt spurned by Survival, and felt entitled to zombies because it's what they wanted. I can't fathom why anybody would think zombies would be included, especially when Treyarch makes the zombies mode; I can't see why they'd hand that mode over to a whole different studio.

I was disappointed with Survival. I'm now re-considering said disappointment because it seems like they actually put time and care into it this time. It looks like between the new Exo movement, more varied enemies, and objective-based rounds, there'll be a lot more enjoyment to be had. I'm hoping it won't be as boring as MW3's survival.

I'm very doubtful of a fourth mode, and I really don't think it's plausible. It's unfortunate so many people feel spurned over a gamemode Sledgehammer worked on and made during development of MW3. We probably should have saw it coming. I'm hopeful that this mode will be a lot better this time around.

Plausible question. I'm just going to assume that there'll be five MP maps. Hell, maybe AW will drop a secret fourth gamemode as a test. If it's handled well and enjoyable, maybe that'll take the place of the fifth slot on the DLC.

Religion would have not anything to do with it not being a real mode. There are thousands of games which have Devil, demonic, demons, rituals, etc. in them and some of which are extremely popular like Diablo series for instance and the new Saint's Row add on. I think These aren't seen that bad even by religious people because of the fact you're fighting against that demonic force, not for it and "Hell Spawn" would be a prime example of that.
2214 days ago
It has already been confirmed as fake. Sorry. Shame though... it actually sounded very cool.

Where is your source because from all the things I've read nothing is confirmed.
2214 days ago
Not confirmed, just look it up.

Double Post Merge: September 29, 2014, 09:04:32 pm
There was an unconfirmed reddit leak whhich was removed.
2214 days ago


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