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my mouse works fine outside of the game, but when i launch a mod, it wont look around, but it can shoot n aim  :alone:
any fix to da ?
238 days ago
Hello, Everyone my Name is Namre. you can call me either by my Username or just Brendon I don't mind I am 14 years of age and have also quite a bit of experience in mapping with the Call of duty tool's engine Radiant. The only problem I do have with it is adding in script's etc... the Mapping is fine. Don't know if anyone know's  RadimaX the guy who showed me Radiant and got me to map. I have to thank him for that!

Anyway back to the Introduction, I live in the United Kingdom, come from Nottingham City if anyone know's it and I am in my 4-5th year at my High School on taking Art, IT-ICT and Performing art's. And to be honest ever since I saw about custom map's being created or mapping tool's being released for multiple game titles a mapper is all that I have focused upon, one thing I wish to be able or near achieve. I am mediocre gamer you could say play for a good time not really competitive and just to chill and have a laugh with my friends I guess.

I like all sorts of music although I am not a fan of Rock or Heavy Metal. top 2 have to be Rap and Dubstep I also have written a few rap lyrics papers a while ago for a band I knew. So after finding RadimaX finally finished up on ComaSea I did not think to join here until today. So I hope to enjoy my stay learn alot of things and produce at least a 1-3 good Custom Zombie Maps for this community! Thanks Everyone.
668 days ago


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