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Messages - SimpleArrows

doesn't radiant save backups though?
yes, except I lost all of my Black Ops files, so basically the whole game and everything in it. not sure why it happened though
4 years ago
do you have good sources ?? xD
sorry, and yes, this is true. I lost the files to my map and have unfortunately moved on from mapping any call of duty games (although I still do play them).
4 years ago

I haven't worked on my map in about 2 months now, so here are some pictures of what it looks like now. (it will be transformed into an overgrown type of map)

I have made other rooms and corridors, however, I still need to fill other rooms with foliage before updating the main thread with these pictures.
4 years ago
Thank you for the kind comments, I'm going to aim for an end of year (maybe mid-year?) release for this map if all goes well.

Here are a few new screenshots:

edit: these were outdated, new pics now in the original post.

4 years ago
So far, all I have planned is all of World at War's weaponry mixed in with just a few Black Ops 1 weapons. I have thought about bringing weapons from other games such as WW2, although I haven't tried yet.
4 years ago

Find your way through an abandoned mansion now overrun by undead Nazis and uncover the secrets that lurk beneath.



4 years ago
There's two ways to fix this, either:

Go to /raw/images/ and find any iwi file in there, copy it and then rename it to "~-gblockout_asphalt_test_c". Now you can compile it.



Open the level with the compile problem in it with radiant and change brushes with this texture:

to any other texture you want to have in that place.

5 years ago
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