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If you have zombies that are behind windows you need to make sure you don't have the kvp script_string find_flesh. If you do they will not move being trapped behind a window, therefore they will stand still due to the fact they can't reach there target (Players) you need to remove that kvp if you have it so then they will spawn and target with node at teh window then once they traverse the zombies targert is the players. Hope this helps and perhaps it could be the reason your zombies aren't moving.
13 days ago
When my i test my map without any windows the game runs smoothly, all zombies follow you when you spawn. As soon as i add a window, even if im not in that zone yet. The zombies that cant get to it stop moving any ideas on a way to get the zombies who cant get to the window ignore it.
Check to see if you’re zombie spawner/riser has script_noteworthy | find_flesh if it does remove that kvp, because zombies with a window blocking them from you will not move if they have that kvp 
228 days ago
Hi everyone quick question.

in my map i have a debris blocked that i would like to be bought from both ways to activate either zone from whatever side you buy from .
 this works but my problem is if the zone your trying to enter is already activated it wont let me buy the debris.
i could just not add a  zone activate to the trigger but my map has two main ways to go around like kino der toten

if anybody has any ideas please let me know

I'm not sure if this will help you, but to activate 1 zone or another that are adjacent it only needs 1 script_flag and only 1 line in your mapname.gsc for example:

add_adjacent_zone( "start_zone", "zone1", "enter_zone1" );
 is the same as adding this.
add_adjacent_zone( "zone1", "start_zone", "enter_start_zone" );
Basically "start_zone" or whatever zone the player is in should already be activated, so when the player buys the debris from whatever side it will active the other side's zone.
So you only need to add 1 trigger and just drag it over so you can access it from both sides, and add 1 script_flag to that trigger, and only add 1 line to your zones in the .gsc
I hope this helps you out!
321 days ago
1, You have the brushes/patches hid from view

2, You have filtered them out.

I would first try to hold shift and press H, or press F and add a check mark to every box. If that doesn't work you can join my discord, and I could better assist you there via screenshare. You can click my name to get a discord invite.
321 days ago
This is the first I have heard of this from the many people who have played this and countless streamers I have watched play this map. Also I created this map live on twitch. There are no viruses. When you run the UGX installer it will have a pop up on windows 10 saying the PC is trying to block it. That is because the UGX installer is a unpublished app. Also if you check the credits Radimax helped map a few area's and he is the maker of Leviathan and he has played this and with no issues. I am sorry you are having problems. Maybe have your computer cleaned and retry.
329 days ago
this was the 3rd most rage inducing map I ever played besides the Octigonial Ascension Series and Gridlock
Well I left many clues to the players, at the start is says "Let's Play Hide & Seek" also many other big hints, and 3 super easy to find in the spawn to let you know what all you are looking for. So I am sorry if you had struggles. My goal was to make a fun throwback map. as I felt WaW needed a fresh map. I am working on a new map that will be much bigger with more custom stuff. Thanks for the feedback.

Double Post Merge: September 25, 2018, 07:12:26 pm
Finally found the third teddy bear and then everything fit, fuck though I got so frustrated yesterday though. Like I had been having a terrible day and just wanted a fun little match of zombies and instead all it did was make me feel worse. Though now that I found it I am thrilled. Just make sure to have some text come up letting the player know how many teddy bears left, that would really help lessen frustration. Also please add double tap 2.0, its just so nice, I love it way too much. Plus instead of the c-3000 biatch could you put mustang and sally, or at least keep the original fire rate of the colt. It's a real let down in its current form. I like how the map is compact without feeling very cramped, theirs just enough room to maneuver if one is smart about it. Helps add challenge without feeling like bs.
Nice I am glad to hear you got it. Congrats and thanks for playing! 
331 days ago
Have you been shooting teddy bears? and if so how many? you will find the last can if you can find 3 teddys, there is more to the map than you have seen.
333 days ago
Lol yea, good luck and let me know if you beat it!
335 days ago
you had to of messed with share/raw/scripts  and by changing them you caused this. I'm not sure what all you have messed with but by default you should have a pistol and wall buys are fine. I can't really say for sure what you would need to change, but I would start by checking _zm_weapons.gsc located in share/raw/scripts
338 days ago
First off if you have a texture in your map that is "$default" you should change that texture. If you get an error that says a texture repeats to many times, it means that you have a terrain patch, curve patch, or some type of mesh that is not set to natural or LMAP in the surface inspector. This should fix your errors. it's up to you to find those textures.
338 days ago
Thanks, I appreciate it. No spoilers, but there is more maps to come. WaW and BO3. Also I wouldn't say this was my first map ever made. I have been using the tools for a long time, around 7ish years. I also quit messing with the tools for over a year, but I am glad to have come back.
339 days ago

Main download V_1.6.0

Manual Install V_1.6.0

This map does NOT require T4M!

This is my first officially released to UGX-MODS. This is not a box map, and I have had a lot of help from some friends with Hollenhaus. For anybody would wants to know Hollenhaus is German, and it means Hell House. Radimax, Yaph1l, and Makecents really helped be push through and finish this map so thank them. This map has taken way to long and I dont even remember when I started it, but it's been months. There are a ton of features and fixes all listed below. If you have any issues please let me know so I can fix them. I have tested this map for many hours. I hope you enjoy.

You are stranded near an old house, and the undead are closing in. Survive this nightmare, and try to escape if you can! Arm up, get perks, and I heard something about hide and seek...

8 perks and 8 perk slots in-game
Quick Revive
Double Tap
Dead Shot
Mule Kick
No Dogs
No window barricades
Fixed Juggernog (5 hit)
Black Ops 1 Quick Revive
Original CoD:WaW Weapons
little EE for PaP access
EE Ending - Price = (50,000)
Zombie counter
Shadows of Evil style teleporters
many more fixes listed below!

Missing Sounds Supplements
Browning M1919 firing sound
Pack-a-Punch FX
Missing FX
3-hit-Jugg Fix
Wunderwaffe jugg zap fix
Fixed hugging zombies

Xspicious - Mapping, design layout, adding scripts,
YaPh1l - Scripts, tools, and fixes
Radimax - Prefabs, mapping a few area's
MakeCents - scripts - PaP EE, and zombie counter
Sniperbolt - Scripts
Treyarch/Infinity Ward - Radiant, modtools, and CoD:WaW
jei9363/bam - Scripts and BO1 Perks
JR-Imagine, jei9363, and Tombmx - music ee scripts
Tom_bmx - buyable ending and tools
Mrhankey91 - tools

Music EE:
Track: TULE - Fearless pt.II (feat. Chris Linton) [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.

Known Bugs:
In co-op if a player dies and respawns, that player wont spawn with a weapon or have the ability to knife, but you can just buy gun from the tables or the mystery box. Sorry about this issue.

Beta Testers:

Xspicious -
Rico -
Cynder -
dizzy -
MakeCents -
HammyGreen -

340 days ago
So, i've been slaving away for around 2 hours trying to get this zone to work, but nothing seems to get it to a state that the game recognizes it. I've tried everything but once I start the game I don't get the message that the zone is linked with x amount of spawners. Is there something usual i'm forgetting to do? I have no clue as to why it's not working.
add_adjacent_zone("start_zone",	"second_zone",	"enter_second_zone");

add_adjacent_zone("start_zone", "optional_zone", "enter_optional_zone");

add_adjacent_zone("second_zone", "third_zone", "enter_third_zone");

add_adjacent_zone("third_zone", "second_optional_zone", "enter_second_optional_zone");

add_adjacent_zone("third_zone", "power_zone", "enter_power_zone");

add_adjacent_zone("third_zone", "fifth_zone", "enter_fifth_zone");

add_adjacent_zone("third_zone", "outside_zone", "enter_outside_zone");

add_adjacent_zone("outside_zone", "alt_outside_zone", "enter_alt_outside_zone");

add_adjacent_zone("outside_zone", "third_zone", "enter_third_zone");

add_adjacent_zone("alt_outside_zone", "outside_zone", "enter_outside_zone");

add_adjacent_zone("alt_outside_zone", "fifth_zone", "enter_fifth_zone");

add_adjacent_zone("fifth_zone", "alt_outside_zone", "enter_alt_outside_zone");

add_adjacent_zone("fifth_zone", "third_zone", "enter_third_zone");

add_adjacent_zone("third_zone", "second_zone", "enter_second_zone");

add_adjacent_zone("second_zone", "spawn_zone", "enter_spawn_zone");
The zone in question is "alt_outside_zone". Just tell me if I need to post more info in order to get help, i'll be glad to do so.

I noticed in you you have multiple triggers with the same script_flag. For example you have enter_second_zone twice. Make sure all the script_flags don't repeat.

From what I see you should have this.

add_adjacent_zone("start_zone",	"second_zone",	"enter_second_zone");

add_adjacent_zone("start_zone", "optional_zone", "enter_optional_zone");

add_adjacent_zone("second_zone", "third_zone", "enter_third_zone");

add_adjacent_zone("third_zone", "second_optional_zone", "enter_second_optional_zone");

add_adjacent_zone("third_zone", "power_zone", "enter_power_zone");

add_adjacent_zone("third_zone", "fifth_zone", "enter_fifth_zone");

add_adjacent_zone("third_zone", "outside_zone", "enter_outside_zone");

add_adjacent_zone("outside_zone", "alt_outside_zone", "enter_alt_outside_zone");

add_adjacent_zone("second_zone", "spawn_zone", "enter_spawn_zone");
370 days ago
This is a map I've been working on. It's called Xspicious Hell House, obviously this is kinda based on my house. This will be my first map ever released (hopefully) If you wanna know what the map is about, the pic says it all. Any and all feedback is welcome.

373 days ago
Can have as many zones active as you like

Ahh, see this is why you’re a scripter lol, I wasn’t thinking about adding more then one zone to be active at the start of the game, but wouldn’t that be bad tho for solo play? Or does it check for players
374 days ago


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