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Wow, great work! Honestly I am HYPED for your map! :D
2159 days ago
Hey Sammy! Great map! I believe this is your first map so Hurray! One thing is that you should remove the *Cough* *Cough* JumperJug *Cough* *Cough*
2161 days ago
Hello Chroma! You map is in all honestly greatly produced but the Mechanic is outrageously tough. A decrement in the boss's health and volume as well would be great, another great feature is to remove the explosion effect from the boss as it makes it impossible to escape it's attacks.
2167 days ago
Hey it's me again and I will review your map into what I believe is worthy. In all honesty the map has MASSIVE potential to be much more of a greater map. The footsteps and sounds are a bit crunchy in my own opinion, also the map itself has increasingly stupid price tags to weapons, for example the Olympia is 1.2k and such. Also the Olympia is trash on this map and price should be reduced, another issue is that I cannot seem to find the 2nd station for linking to gain the ability to go to pack-a-punch as the tower seems to be the Kino Styled pack a punch. In all honesty the map is rated: 3.13 Peps out of 5. ~TheWAZZAPPMan
2168 days ago
Nice. Already playing with friends on stream! :D
2169 days ago
"10/10 Would fall in pit and die again." ~IGN

Double Post Merge: October 12, 2014, 02:17:44 pm
Btw. Going on top of Solo Revive in the Bathroom causes the zombies to be stuck in the barricade in Toiletten. If there is too many zombies the zombies will push towards the right sink by the tompson.
2173 days ago


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