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great map but they made a common mistake on some weapons. some weapons like the aks 74u eject pistol cartriges when it should be ejecting rifle. Its a mod everyones going to use for their maps and I would hate to see this mistake go unfixed
1676 days ago
lol a little slow with your release because a town remake was already made but you can still turn it into something awesome like a version of town where you can go into buildings you normally couldn't like the bowling alley, the church, and the......other places.....or make the town know....before THE LAVA!!!!!!!!
1853 days ago
I like prototype maps, they have a darker feeling and the zombies seem more scary. I wish there was a custom map with a lot of features but still felt like a prototype.
1854 days ago
The map is nice but you made a mistake most map maker make.....weapon details. the wrong shells are ejecting from the guns....mostly the assault rifles. and some of the weapons are horrible, the ump damage is lame....seriously it fires a 45 and this mod makes it look like a full auto pellet gun.
1876 days ago


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