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Hey guys, I'm new to making custom zombie maps and I've been trying to add just one black ops 1 gun to my map for 2 days and I've gotten no where. Today, I've found this video and followed it step by step and it didn't work.

I've been trying to add the Stakeout from this mod mod.csv is this:
All the files for the mod are in the right location

In Game I Get This:
The Error:
In my _zombiemode_weapons.gsc I have this:
At this point I don't know what to do and how to solve it. If it is something else, or I forgot to do a step that was mentioned in the video or the video didn't mention it please tell me so that I can try and fix it.

This is the only video I can find that shows how to add custom guns to your map if there is an updated one or better one please tell me.
371 days ago
Hey how do i load the map on single player i did ` and typed in nazi_zombie_dome_snow 1.1 and nazi_zombie_dome_snow also nazi_zombie_dome what do i do  :-\                         :alone:
2147 days ago
Wheres the download link
2160 days ago


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