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Messages - IperBreach86

You 100% made an SSI and saved it in an original GDT from APE, when updating the update replaced all the stock GDTs and so you've lost your SSI+Skybox, you need to remake it!
Next time try to make an abit of making your own GDTs so in case of updates you don't lose saved stuff!
8 years ago
Do you know exactly where the code for it is? Is it in the same file? Sorry, beginner mapper, not a lot of experience in scripting.
If you have harry's perk you need to disable perk's debug.
8 years ago
The Nitro has higher core clock and dual fans (plus probably some other negligible things). I would go with the Nitro+ at the prices mentioned in the 2 links for the factory OC and fans (which should mean lower temps especially if overclocking).

It will be nice upgrade from your 285, and I doubt your CPU will hold you back.
Sorry for the late reply, i've read the reply as soon as you posted but forgot to anwser, i found this very helpful, i will buy the nitro+ ASAP.
But  iwas wondering, do oyu think it will last for 5+years of gaming?
8 years ago
At the moment this is my pc rig:
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4690K CPU @ 3.50GHz, 3501 Mhz, 4 core
GPU: Sapphire Dual-X R9 285 2GB GDDR5 (UEFI) AMD Radeon R9 285 2GB
I've got an 800W Power Supply.
I was thinking of getting an new GPU (an AMD rx 480)
The first thing i wanted to know is, what's the difference between the two models? what should i get? Is the upgrade from my OLD GPU worth it?
Then, will my CPU bottleneck the GPU? (Im thinking of buying another stick of 4GB of RAM!)
Sorry for any grammatical mistakes, and if i am missing anything please let me know!
8 years ago
My Script only plays the animations I referenced on the first Object. I already tried to change the objects names but it still only played the animation on soulbox_mystic_1. All Prefabs and entitys are perfect! Maybe I forgot something in the APE.

Here is my script:

Code Snippet
soul_chest_area_1 = getent( "soulchest_area_mystic_1" , "targetname") ;
if(self IsTouching( soul_chest_area_1 ) && !level.boxfinished_1){
soulbox_mystic_1 = GetEnt( "soulbox_mystic_1" , "targetname");
soul_chest_area_1 playSound("zombie_soulbox_kill");
level.kills_1 += 1;
if(level.kills_1 == 1 && !level.boxopen_1){
soulbox_mystic_1 useanimtree(#animtree);
soulbox_mystic_1 AnimScripted("soulbox_open", soulbox_mystic_1.origin, soulbox_mystic_1.angles, level.scr_anim["o_zombie_dlc4_challenge_box_open"]);
level.boxopen_1 = true;
soulbox_mystic_1 playSound("zombie_soulbox_open");
else if(level.kills_1 >= level.neededkills && level.boxopen_1){
level.boxopen_1 = true;
level.boxfinished_1 = true;
soulbox_mystic_1 useanimtree(#animtree);
soulbox_mystic_1 AnimScripted("soulbox_close", soulbox_mystic_1.origin, soulbox_mystic_1.angles, level.scr_anim["o_zombie_dlc4_challenge_box_close"]);
players = GetPlayers();
for(i = 0; i < players.size; i++){
players[i].score += level.reward;
soulbox_mystic_1 playSound("zombie_soulbox_finished");


This is inside a function that checks if a zombie is inside a trigger-radius! PLS HELP ME
You could get an array for the boxes(getentarray) and then thread the function on each one using "for"
8 years ago
I'm trying to spawn an fx like this:
Code Snippet
		 		fx = spawn("script_model", -802,-479,1021 );
fx setModel("tag_origin");

But when the function gets called the fx doesnt spawn! Does anybody know what i could be doing wrong?
Yes, im prechacing the model and fx at the top of the script!
8 years ago
Hey, I'm making a custom door script, but for some reason I can't figure out how to activate the zone via script. I've set the zone's kvp properly and added it using "add_adjacent_zone". I tried using
Code Snippet
level notify("enter_zone1");
But it didn't work.
I ask for someone to show me how to activate the zone, or even better, show me where to find the original "zombie_door" script.
Thanks in advance.
I belive you need to use a flag::set and not a notify!
Try that and let me know!
8 years ago
Try verifing cache of the tools from steam.
8 years ago
If memory serves correctly, dont you need to put a zombie_cost | {weapon_cost} in order to have it working?
Thats maybe why it gives and error.
8 years ago
Can i use 26, 29, 70, 90 (etc) (its a example) Camos that arent following numbers, without the numbers in the middle (with out 71,72 etc...)?

Thak You!!!
You cant with this type of function,but i belive i have a solution that ill test later.
8 years ago
He might mean a screen while the game is actually loading, not in the map select menu.
I was actually refering to that.
Anyway if you go in bo3 root/usermaps/mapname/zone
there are two files called loadingimage.png and previewimage.png
Try chancing those.
8 years ago
No i want help to make a custom loadscreen !  :P
As i said, publish your map and the image of the workshop will become the loadscreen.
The image of the workshop needs to be done by you i belive.
8 years ago
Hello !
I want make a good load screen for my map but, I dont know how make it ! Someone have template or someone can make me a custom load screen ?  :derp:
Thanks a lot !
I belive that you can make one by publishing the map on the workshop,
the title will become map name,
the workshop description will become the map description,
and i belive that the image that you choose will become the loading screen.
8 years ago
Okay well my map was working last night but it isn't this morning after the 100mb update dropped, I haven't changed anything in my Gsc/csc since it worked so I don't have a clue.
This seems a problem that everyone can get?
Whever i check my tool cache or download a new patch, some of my files (i.e some soundalias) get repalced with new files, you might have modified a script in the share folder days ago, and the latest patch modified it?
8 years ago
I believe you can select the model you want to have collision, press N to bring up the KVPs and check the box that says "use_collmap". I'm unsure if all models have a collision set though.
From what i remember colmaps are basically .map files with clip brushes, so its the same thing all ove ragain.
8 years ago
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