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CanadianTyler, I fixed it like this. (Content removed from quote.)

Thank You !!!  :D :D :D
1391 days ago
Whenever I or anyone else launch my map it says

"Check host TTY output for client & server clientfield registration details."

I know it has somthing to do with the modtools updating or somthing. If someone knows how I can fix it I'd love the help. (I'm not good at scripting)  :P
1391 days ago
Delete the zm_usermap stuff from usermaps/yourmap/scripts/zm

Get the new ones from share/raw and reapply your changes

They were updated the other day

I am having the same problem. Could you explain it a little more clearly ? I'm not good at scripting.
1391 days ago
I already have a map on the Steam Workplace. But I have just finished an update and I don't know how to upload the update.
1405 days ago
Congrats on being the first person to post a bo3 map to this site!

Will definitely play it later.

Thank you, it's feels great to be first! UGX is my favorite Zombie site  :D
1407 days ago
The Defender

The Defender is a remake of my first World at War Zombies Map. It was done for a contest with YouAlwaysWin. I have added more rooms a zombie counter and a buyable ending.

A modern designed house on a snowy hill. Close quarters inside, but wide open outside.

Zombie Counter
Buyable Ending
7 Perks
Snowing FX
Changed starting gun

Treyarch - for making the game
CraftDAnimations - helpful tutorials
DuaLVII - Zombie Counter
NSmithZombies - End Game Script
1407 days ago
The Defender

The Defender was the first map I ever made for World At War Zombies.
I've decided to bring it back for my first Black Ops 3 Zombie map.
I will also be adding a lot more to the map.

- Added Snow
- Made it night

Work In Progress - 2016-10-01

Original Map (The Defender - World at War)

1412 days ago
did you get these textures from thezombieprojects, if so he should be given credit

No, the SciFi textures are from  The're free to use.
1585 days ago
Good map :D . Is the final version or continuous working on it?

Thanks for playing. I will be adding a little bit more in the next update. But I'm waiting for the Black Ops 3 Mod Tools to come out so I can remake the map on there with a lot more features and details.
1593 days ago
Already made a video on this map, not allowed to post videos in this section so here is the topic I posted in the youtube section about it xD,10599.0.html

Nice video dude. Thanks for playing.  :D
1595 days ago

Utopia V1.1 (updated 2016-03-31)

V1.1 Change Log
-bug fixes
-new menu
-new load screen
-added more weapon camos

This map takes place in a small city that has been over run by zombies.
This map was made in only 15 hours. I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could make a whole map in under a day.

Zombie Counter
SciFi Textures
Buy-able Ending
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Treyarch         - for making the game
UGX                 - UGX Mod
ZOMB1E-KLLR - helpful tutorials
MakeCents      - zombie counter
xSanchez78    - end game script       - SciFi Textures

Check out my other maps

Futurama                                                                                     Battlestar Galactica,9899.0.html 

1597 days ago
sweet frickin map well played sir

Thanks dude, I'm glad you liked it  ;D ;D
1643 days ago
Cant download this cause its on Mediafire :/

There is a Mega link on ZomMods
1653 days ago
dude awesome map but you might want to fix the drops, I killed a zombie & the drop was outside the window.

I just fixed that. The update is out now. Thanks for letting me know  ;D
1656 days ago


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