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Why is this map so damn laggy?  I'm not trying to talk bad about the map, but this is the only map that lags for me. I've played a countless number of maps, maps like Clinic of Evil, Leviathan, you name the map and I've most likely played it. None of those maps caused any trouble. Also, my computer insisted that there may or may not be a virus attached. I trusted that there were no virus attached as some maps have something in the files that the computer can't recognize, and not to jump to conclusions and this may be a coincedince, but when I installed this map, my computer turned figuratively into shit. I uninstalled the map, and ran some virus scans and that seemed to fix it. Again, this may or may not have been a coinsidence
686 days ago
How do you remove anti cheat?

It wasn't anti cheat breaking my game, it was a mod menu I forgot I had installed. To fix my problem, I just simply replaced the common.ff with a brand new fresh one.

So if anyone is getting the error listed on the 1st page, then try replacing your common.ff with a new one.

Also, this mod pack is really fun, you, the team, whoever all was involved really did a great job!
714 days ago
Dang.  The release date is so far away, I can't wait!

The map looks interesting, something different, something fun!
766 days ago
Do you have a possible release date for this? This look amazing!

Also, would you, or do you already have/add custom weapons? Playing with the same WaW weapons gets boring after a while
766 days ago
This map has potential. It gives off great Verrrukt vibes, but in my opinion, the map is too small. I love what you got going, its great, but it's a very small map.

My final word not that it matters - It's an awesome map. Just need some more areas to explore, a bigger map.

Keep up the great work man! Its always great to see new maps being developed for a 10+ year old game!
766 days ago
I noticed with this map that when you get hit by a zombie or a dog, the screen goes black. Is this supposed to happen?
799 days ago
This map looks dumb. And I love it! Great job on the map  :)
799 days ago
That would make sense, thanks for replying! I figured it may be that I am one of the few people who own WaW on disk, and that could cause an error? I have 6 GB of RAM - Not the best, not the worst. Runs WaW just fine - and only had the launcher and Chrome open. The map was brand new, just getting it started as I am following a playlist on YouTube on how to make maps.

Double Post Merge: June 05, 2018, 10:10:38 pm
I just tried again, no luck. I'm sorry, I get this error when I try to build the mod.
799 days ago
I don't know if anyone can help with this, but I'm trying to make a new map, and I get this error when compiling my map:   (!) UNRECOVERABLE ERROR: EXE_ERR_HUNK_ALLOC_FAILED256

It made other files in my mods folder, and I don't think I need those files. But, I am new to this, so I don't know.
800 days ago
I don't know if anyone can help with this, but I'm trying to make a map, and I go to compile my newly made map, and I get the error:   (!) UNRECOVERABLE ERROR: EXE_ERR_HUNK_ALLOC_FAILED256
800 days ago
Thanks cadurling! I figured it out, and I feel dumb for not finding it earlier.
805 days ago
I use the teleporter, and it only takes me to Pack a Punch, and there's nothing else to do in that room.
806 days ago
Also the map crashes shortly after round 20
807 days ago
How do you get to the Skull Island?
807 days ago
This is BY FAR my most favorite custom zombies map! Is this your only map? I know WaW is old, but you should make some more maps. Treyarch needs to hire you or something!
811 days ago


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