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Messages - LilRobot

8 years ago
"attempting to override asset 'default_mymod.english' from zone 'mod' with zone 'zombie_cosmodrome_patch'"
how to fix this? :(
this means you have an ascension mod installed still. uninstall it.
Hey man, I have a problem. I try to play with my friend but whenever we load the mod, it crashes itself and says 'out of memory error. You are probably low on hard disk space.' I'd love to play this mod with my friend, but I can't find anything that can help me.
i cannot figure out how to fix this--it's probably a problem with how i packaged the FF. i'm looking into it but for now you'll have to play alone.

the only solution i can find (i don't recommend it, but it's a temp fix. it will allow coop however.) is to play the mod legacy-style, and rename the mod.ff to zombie_cosmodrome_patch.ff, and renaming the iwd to iw_44.iwd and installing them classically. you'll still have to run game_mod, just don't select one from the list.
8 years ago
try putting it in the mod's folder in a video subfolder, i.e. Samantha's Vengeance\video
if that doesn't work, you'll have to override files.
8 years ago
it's nice that we can develop Black Ops I maps now, but in all honesty this just seems far too early to post a W.I.P. thread, i can't really form an opinion on the content when it just looks like a basic code test-map.

The public is held back by the delayed release of the mapping application. You, me, and everyone else on this forum has to wait, and by then it will be too late when the bo3 tools come out.

calm down there with that revolution speech friend.

there's good reasoning behind Radiant not being released for Black Ops I yet--and it's the same reason as Black Ops III. it's not done yet.

it's kept privately for map development as a form of testing--having a map to play alongside the release is both just a little bit of a bonus and to be used as an example map in tutorials on how to set up Black Ops I tools. linker_mod was released publicly because it was available to be pulled from the Github for use anyways (if you look at it, it still says pre-release because it's not done). t5radiant will be available to the public when it's good and damn ready, but until then i think people can sit tight so they can use a tool that's finished and working.

(i don't know why you took that previous quote as an attempt to be passive-aggressive to the developers. it's also probably really far off for public black ops 3 tools, friend)
8 years ago
How wodes one in stall a mod for use with this tool, such as Project Thor and Samantha's Revenge?

Project Thor was re-packaged to support game_mod natively, just follow the readme and you should be perfectly fine.

Samantha's Vengeance is still a legacy mod--so you can install this by tinkering a bit.

go into your mods folder, and create a new folder with the mod name, a la "Samantha's Vengeance".
after that, open the Zone and Main folders inside of the rar, and drag both of them into the new Samantha's Vengeance folder. rename the file "zombie_moon_patch.ff" to "mod.ff", and rename "iw_42.iwd" to "mod.iwd" [not necessary, but just to be safe, right?]

after that, your legacy mod should now be a selection option on the game_mod "Mods" menu.
8 years ago
Thou we don't have everything from bo3. some stuff is missing/not working. Like some col maps won't open at all. So you have to convert it and then use tom's tools for decompiling the iwi and turning it to a dds format. And mess with it. :please:. "TREYARCH MY ASS".

none of the supplied assets are in IWI format, all of them are in DDS ARGB8888 Compression format, with a special header designed specifically for their build of the engine. all you'd have to do is run them through Noesis or VTFEdit and convert them back into a more common format of DDS compression, or to TGA. (or just pick up the newest version of the Photoshop DDS plugin--that supports the Black Ops 3 header.)

they also have new engine lighting interpretation, so on some meshes you'll have to overlay the Specular Color texture over the top of the Color Map, with a 20-30% opacity setting.

texture extraction is possible through some methods, but it's very time consuming and requires a chunk of effort to take care of, as it involves taking a "frame" of the game's loaded textures & meshes and saving them yourself. (look up intel gpa ripper.)

an example of doing this successfully
however, if you also want to steal the mesh, it won't have UV's, so you'll have to sit down and do it yourself like i did.

Yeah I'm pretty sure the only ways that those models and stuffs were retrieved were through illegal methods, and that this 'someguy' has had a nice visit from 3arc lawyers. So don't try. Until tom-bmx makes a legal way.

this statement is actually incredible.

what about Tom's tools makes it any more legal? m0xf and Tom's tool serve the same purpose, and just complete the action differently. both are very illegal, but both leave the companies not really caring--after all, it helps sell World At War & Black Ops games on PC.

in fact, Tom's actions are much more illegal than the tools either of these users provide, as he takes money under-the-table for assets from the games, and disguises them as "donations"
8 years ago
any plans on repacking it to support 'game_mod'?
i may come back to this and update the gobblegum code and such accordingly, and in that instance i will modify it to support game_mod. at the time of development this mod didn't require a raise of limits.
8 years ago
sorry for the double post, but just a quick bump.

it's now updated to natively support game_mod. sorry it took so long, but i ended up finding a big G_Spawn error that took a bit of tinkering to fix, and also have an experimental fix for Stock Option. it seems to work now, but i don't doubt the bug will still happen.

quick link:
8 years ago
I don't know if you notice, but when you buy the sickle off the wall you cannot run, jump, or do anything really. I had to make myself bleedout so I could sprint again. Other then that this mod is amazing man! I'd love to see more black ops mods from you.
this bug is confusing me because it happens from person to person. it doesn't happen for me, or 75% of my testers, however the bug happens for two of my friends. the only thing i can see in common is that they use controllers, but i don't see how that would cause issues.

anyways, last night when i was uploading the v1.1 update with game_mod compatibility & bug fixes, the upload failed once it was done. i'm frustrated, but that's why it's taking so long. i'll have to upload AGAIN when i get home!
8 years ago
Thanks for the answer :) Ok, i tryed this yesterday, but the "last_stand" doesn't have any Health values... Just lines saying "" and "player.maxhealth"...  :-\
that's exactly what you're looking for. is the player's current health, player being the object, health being the value you're after.
player.maxhealth is the player's curernt max health.

change the proper maxhealth vars to the amount you want for 3-hits.
8 years ago
No matter what I do. Whenever I launch the batch file, All I get is ''thanks for playing'' I followed your video exactly as you did aswell :(
install the vcredist x86 included with the download
just download game_mod from the OP on the thread, and install the mod like a normal one. rename the fastfile to mod.ff, and the iw to ascension_presidents.iwd, and put it in a folder mods/Project Thor.
8 years ago
I can answer that, blunderbuss
thanks--trying to look into why ammo won't be locked properly when swapping weapons. hopefully it should be fixed soon.
in other news, i'm uploading a game_mod specific compatible version of the mod right now. it should make installing it a whole lot easier.
8 years ago
The stock option gobble gum, causes you to constantly reload, if you buy ammo when it's in use.  If you need a video, I can provide one.
which weapon were you using?
i'll look into this.
8 years ago
im getting image problems.. couldnt load image blah blah blah  :-\
install Multiplayer.
8 years ago
The error happens when i loading map and it gives an error saying: "execced limit of 128 weapons assets"

make sure launcher_ldr is running, make sure the project_thor_mod folder is inside of the black ops main folder. make sure you're running the batch file too. this error occurs because launcher_ldr isn't injecting game_mod.dll properly.

once i get my pc up and running again i'll record a new tutorial instructing you on what to do when installing the normal game_mod.
8 years ago
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