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I try to play this map but when I get to the UGX Mod options and enable the options that are needed but I dont get the Save and Exit option.  I am using version 1.1 from the US server on the Mod Manager.  Any help would be appreciated.

Launch the mod and set controls and settings as default, go to ugx mod options to set it up.

This is what i get doing that, i just changed FOV and ADS FOV:

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

If this doesnt work delete the mod and the map manager too. Do a windows registry clean with CCLEANER or something else and download the map manager again and the mod as well.
If you are already using a controller do NOT enable it from the mod options or you might get stuck, this option is just to navigate menu with your controller and not to play.
Hope this helps!
974 days ago
Respect man  :) Very good map, just one question....where da fak are those mannequins?? :troll:

Going crazy with this crawler...

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Ok i found them all, every mannequin is visible and shootable with a sniper rifle exept one that i found a bit frustrating to find (IMHO) but the map is really funny it's 8/10 to me.  Good job!! 8)

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

1003 days ago
Mod is really awesome but like i said in the ugx requiem topic, melee system is annoying because you lunge even if zombie are behind barricades. Zombies can double hit you too so it's impossible to use knife properly, even with the axe in requiem. I think it could be replaced with BO2 knifing (kino the rebirth) system or something else that doesnt make you lunge at all  if you plan any update or something else.
Really awesome mod btw. Great job!!  8) 8)
1004 days ago
Im glad that you like my map, PHD would not be very useful there and drops are random so you have to be patient until you get max ammo but there is The Hell's Retriever that cost 15K and this weapon will help you survive.

Maybe i miss the update or maybe not but i got some bugs/glitches:

Zombies cant get out from one window, they just stay in there screaming to each other wich is pretty funny  ;D

Coop button doesnt work (it works on other maps with ugx mod)

You cant melee while holding AUG, character just lunge without knifing.

PS: i dont want to be a ballbreaker but i fell free to post any bug/glitch i find.
1004 days ago
I had problems loading Ragnarok it keeps crashing any suggestions

Did you install T4M?
1005 days ago
Hello guys congrats for everything on this forum! It's absolutely awesome what you're doing with an old game like World at War. Keep going!  :)
1009 days ago
Nice challenging map, love it but to be honest i'd put PHD  instead of deadshot daiquiri and some buyable ammo (i apologize if it's already in but i couldnt find it) because i couldnt get max ammo drop in 4 rounds. Nice map btw, good job!! 8)
1009 days ago
Thank you for making such an awesome , completed the main objective on round 21. Probably my favourite map so far. Great job man, keep up the good work!! Just one thing to "complain" about maybe for future it possible to remove the lunge when you melee? Zombies have such a deadly hug!!  :'( :'(
1012 days ago


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