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The graphical glitch issue i was experiencing had already been solved.
i should of looked though the thread.
the map seems to break graphically when the settings are on epic or extra.
T4M makes no difference to me. map works fine with it.

i was having the same problem as warrior 5230.

absolutely loving this!
playing this mod was the main reason i purchased WaW
the map is far larger than i was expecting.
1028 days ago
please help!!!
having a nightmare getting this map to work.
installed version 1.1 from another site which worked. then i saw 1.2 on this site and installed that.
deleted 1.1 and ran 1.2 and i get major gfx errors.
map is broken.

i have tried uninstalling all the mods and WaW but the glitch persists.
any help or suggestions welcome
1029 days ago


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