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I don't know if your problem is solved or not, but unless ou have a reson to, Don't buy Turtle Beach Headsets.
I had two friends that had bought headsets from that brand. They both sounded terrible and one of them had a faulty mic.
I've had no issues with my Turtle Beach. Not as good as the headset that I want, but it's not as bad as you make it out to be.
2365 days ago
I HAVE to be able to hear to volume from the console that the headset is plugged into AND my PC at the same time,
I don't know about this

but maybe these will work!prettyPhoto
2376 days ago
Good quality stuff. Make some more, keep it going!
Also I feel like you should introduce yourself/yourselves at the beginning it can kind of fill in the empty gap of a loading screen and makes it feel more directed towards an audience.
2378 days ago
To all of you that said San Andreas:
Amazing game I love it a lot but.....
I've also been letting my 9 year old brother play it.
For the most part it's fine because he just likes to free roam around but today he found the purple dildo in the jail and that was a bit weird...
2380 days ago
I would probably put it to use recording, editing, rendering, and moving large videos.
Also transferring games to the 4 other computers that my siblings play on. 
2398 days ago
I don't really know what to say.

Ray, good song for this..
2485 days ago
I haven't played zombies in like a month. I was also having a bit of trouble writing about maps.
I have been doing some things to help improve my editing so it should be good.
2490 days ago
I've always used mediafire or host-a-net
2493 days ago
Attempting tomorrow!
2496 days ago
Nice. Only thing I can say (based on the intro video) is make sure to balance game audio with mic audio. It's a little hard to hear you
2499 days ago
woops my bad
lol, this is the first time I'm hearing of it as well
2499 days ago
That's actually a really good idea
2503 days ago
This map is super intense
2504 days ago
Google Chrome becuase I am too lazy to install anything else
2505 days ago


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