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oh no.......... :(
1024 days ago
good idea ^^
1024 days ago
very  nice!
1024 days ago
nice ! :o
1024 days ago
thanks, i can use this ;)
1024 days ago
thanks for this prefab ! ;)
1024 days ago
good job!! :o
1026 days ago
i love your map ! ;)
1026 days ago
thanks ! :D
1026 days ago
Hello I'm Kezio,

I am a French member who is a little bit dated.
But I still have not presented myself x)

For short, I like the game "Call of Duty", especially the mods and custom maps etc.
I was modder on Ps3, I was developing Tools and Mod Menu on Black Ops II.

Now that I am on Pc, and I have Bo3 and Waw, I can dedicate time on this forum which is excellent.
I will learn how to create a map with the Mod Tools thanks to this.

Thank you very much !
1028 days ago
Hello, i'm just a great fan of your Pokemon map ! :0
I saw than you make a new version on Bo3 and for make the full map !! Great Job bro, it's amazing i love it !
Can i can contact you for know updates ? or about any subject ?
I would be able to pay your map if necessary xD
 :) :) :)
1050 days ago


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