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I hate minions too much to donwload this, even though it looks like fun.
332 days ago
My only problem, which is a very big problem, is that Every gun is good until like round 50+ (Even non paped) with Deadshot and Double Tap. Really ruins the fun of double paping since every gun is overpowered.
352 days ago
All I cam say is that Der Riese is the fucking best map ever in this mod and Verrukt is like going veteran mode in campaign
395 days ago
The map is unplayable even with T4M
971 days ago
The co-op is completely broken! The map in coop gives you no gun and you have to down yourself to get a gun, which btw is empty.  :derp: When we restarted the map the host(me) spawned in with a gun, but my partner got nothing and the zombies didn't even chase him. He also could not buy things and was invisible to me. Please fix the co-op.
973 days ago
There are the obvious noclip glitches, but I can not play the Verruckt Remake because it crashes every time. I have no idea why. The Natch remake works fine.
1300 days ago
How do you pap?
1300 days ago
you have to make maps for B03 PLEASE

Double Post Merge: February 25, 2017, 10:18:36 pm
Also, the game crashes every time I try to save my gobble gums so yeah....
1301 days ago
wheres the download link?
1370 days ago
1535 days ago
Great map, I beat it fist try
1600 days ago
Is this map based on the show the office?
1649 days ago
Absolute terrible map. Zombies attack you once and you're stuck, textures are disgusting, no weapon sounds other than base weapons, The teleportation isn't amazing, the liquid divinium system is pretty horrible, you get hit when you're downed, the knockoff afterlife doesn't even last long enough to open much, the zombies will basically grab you when you're being attacked. Your perks however are decent, except widows wine, what the fuck does it do? Nothing. You need to work with someone else when mapping and setting zombie spawns and stuff up, the only good things are the perks and that's it. I don't really recommend playing this personally. It's nowhere near one of the decent maps I've played
Widows wine actually stops the zombies and slowly kills them
1653 days ago

Been porting a few Black Ops 1 weapons theres a few more ported (l96a1 for example)

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Nice man!
1655 days ago
lol I still find it hilarious that he used the map from the PS2 spongebob game (which that and gta san andreas were my only PS2 games)
It was also on the original xbox too  :)
1658 days ago


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