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I have put gaz in batheroom and activate ball blue and activate button egg in spawn base, now I don't know how initialize the system gaz for activate the plane...

Please help me thank :)
1511 days ago
Oh nice, thank for remake!
Levianthan and now this map, awesome! I wait again other good map detail or nice mapping without bizarre system or texture x)

Can you add the fov ? I'm playing on 1280x1024  ;D
2003 days ago
Nice, can add the progress bar ?  ::)
2018 days ago
I have play 45 minutes, very nice! Lot die at round 7 :'(

Two issue :
- FOV don't save
- FOV back to 65 if jump crouch run
2020 days ago


Yaaay I have wait long time this map
2020 days ago
The progress bar IS updated... its at 99%, how much closer to 100% can you be without being 100%...
So 0.9998% is uploading... We wait when he finish to upload and It's be 100% !  :rainbow:
2037 days ago
Nice detail map, when 86% or more ?  ::)
2039 days ago
Better graphic, optimized, co-op campaign, zombie mod custom, No DLC paid etc...

Real port PC with small price 49€ not 59€ It's for console.
2075 days ago
Kino version Moon future ?
2101 days ago
Gun models BO2 will remplace COD5 ? NK BO2 with gun COD5... Berk.

good work
2121 days ago
I just replace it with PC and PC only make it look better

True, unacceptable for logo XBOX... Add PC DVD-ROM and STEAM It's so better.
2263 days ago
Can I test this map ? Thank.

Guns from BO2 ?
2266 days ago
I like a map with serious design, good detail (like map official), gun from BO1 (not BO2 with BO1/WAW) and the king zombie from BO1 DLC ZOMBIE.
2271 days ago
Can't join because I from France and I don't want have big ping...  ???
2275 days ago


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