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How do i add this to my map or what not? im new to all of this, and its fun for me
 inside of the mods folder, rename the mapname folder to the name of your mod, then drag the mods and raw folders into your root/main directory of CoD WaW
592 days ago
For the texture problem. Are you using custome textures? If so, are you building the texture .iwi files into the mod?

As for the melee and zombie damage problem, I'm not so sure about that.
592 days ago
Reinstall the game and the mod tools, so you have a clean copy of the files, but DO NOT install ugx mod standalone.
 Yes, I can confirm. This happens when you originally install the UGX Standalone Mod for your map, and you try to backup your map files without re-installing UGX Mod. Just back everything up and rebuild your mod without UGX Mod and you should be fine.
592 days ago
Lighting is broken. Your level needs reflection probes if you don''t already have them.
679 days ago
most things like sound aliases and buying weapons are broken
740 days ago
Welcome to the zombie infested version of Dust2!

Nazi Zombie Dust2 A-Bomb Site height=405

Nazi Zombie Dust2 Tunnels height=405

Nazi Zombie Dust2 T-Ramp height=405

Nazi Zombie Dust2 Middle height=405

Nazi Zombie Dust2 Pit height=405


You have been sent to an abandoned town by a top secret government agency in the middle east to wipe out a zombie infestation that has taken place in the town. You must also destroy the supply caches of the unknown chemical that has been leeching into the town. Not much is known about the chemical, but is it known to have been the cause for the zombification of the town's civilians. This was supposed to be a quick and easy mission, but your unreliable vehicle that you bring into the abandoned desert town runs out of battery power. You are forced to stay the night in the abandoned desert town until authorities declare you missing and search parties are dispatched to find you, but we all know what happens when you stay the night in an abandoned, zombified village... But, there is hope for you to survive the night in one piece. If you can find a source of power to jump start your vehicle's battery, you will be able to leave without spending the night surrounded by hordes of zombies (don't forget to destroy the chemical caches first).

This version of Dust2 is based off of the version from Counter Strike: Source, (not to be confused with CS:GO's Dust2)

This is the second version of this map's release, now with a complete visual and game mechanic overhaul, featuring new custom textures and models straight from Counter Strike: Source, new objectives and weapons from COD4!

Specific features for this map include;

- (Most) COD4 Weapons
- Custom models and textures used straight from Counter Strike: Source
- 2 Bomb Plant Objectives with an Integrated Buyable Ending (bombs must be planted and the power must be turned on in order to leave)
- 4 Original Perks
- 4 Secret Easter Egg areas containing the perks



for helping me with custom textures and models, as well as supplying some of his own models to include in this map.

Please check out the Salaj website and the Salaj Discord group. This site has great tools to help you out with your own maps and mods if you are a modder/mapper and the modding community at Salaj's Discord is incredibly helpful and will help you with whatever problems you encounter with your CoD maps/mods.

Salaj Website; 

Salaj Discord Server;
Also thanks to these users in Discord for beta testing my map and providing me with helpful feedback;


P.S If you encounter any bugs/issues with the map, please report them to me and I'll do my best to fix them in a future release.

P.P.S I've only included a download link to the Secondary Mirror so that I can make updates to the mod with ease, (I will aslo include patch notes with every new version of the map that I create)
913 days ago
Visually, the map looks great! (although a bit boxy). this boxyness could easily be changed for future maps by adding differences in elevation and having more outdoor areas. However, there are a few lighting bugs along some of the walls that can be fixed very easily.

Gameplay, the placement of the mystery box and especially the buyable ending was pretty underwhelming. Having the buyable ending near the beginning of the map kind of ruins the anticipation and the curiosity for exploration of the rest of the map (same with the mystery box). Also having objectives in order to access the buyable ending too would be a good gameplay feature to add. Although others may disagree with me on this, I dislike the open area at the start of the level, it makes training zombies and the difficulty of the map far too easy (although this map is made tougher by the sprinting zombies, which I approve of.)

Overall, great map! Looking forward to any improvements made to this map!
913 days ago
Great and challenging map. We need more small, challenging maps like this! I do prefer the 2nd version over this version though.
1116 days ago
Dropbox link is fixed!
1140 days ago
Something you should fix, those big doors on the outlining of the map. I keep running into them b accident, and falling into the map. Plz help  :rainbow:

Fixed! Just re-download and re-install the map.
1163 days ago
Thank you for your in-depth feedback. Really appreciate it! Your negative opinions aren't discouraging for me at all. Likewise, thank you for recognizing the positive design choices in my map as well! I'm not super familiar with mapping, hence why there isn't a whole lot of detail or otherwise interesting sections of the map. I'll definitely try to add more details and interesting things to future maps of mine.
1165 days ago
Great map and mod!

I'll do you one better though  ;)

1165 days ago

Hey everyone, this is my very first map!

This is a remake of the classic and well-renowned multiplayer map from the Counter-Strike series Dust 2 a.k.a de_dust2. This particular version is based off of the version of the map from Counter-Strike: Source.

This map contains;

- mystery box
- the four original perk-a-cola machines
- Pack-A-Punch
- a secret room

Hope you enjoy! :)

P.S. To play the game solo, type "spmap nazi_zombie_dust2" into the console.

1168 days ago
Good, challenging map!
1229 days ago


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