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Hi, if you always looking for someone to play it with you, i'm ok
2095 days ago
I really love everything in this map. The scared atmosphere is terrible and more for me because i very scare to be in hospital. Really that place scared me ^^. In your map, it take place in a horrible place, at night and you are purchased by zombies ... brrrrrr, not good for my heart ^^.
First time i see the ghost i scream ^^'. I didn't see her yet and when i turned back to my way, i saw her face so close to me ...... KYAAAAAAAAA !!!!
The boss scared me too, when he had scream, my screen was trouble and i watch behind me, cause in the moment i didn't understand, and i saw him running after me with my trouble vision ...... KYAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!
All easter egg are fun, find key and device usb for open main office, find key in main office for open cell. After  this find all 8 camera (like in the game Slenderman xD, i'm right cause cameras = pages, boss = Slenderman xD)
Anyway, i really want to say you a BIG THANKS FOR YOUR GREAT MAP :D
2096 days ago

-First try: i was about to open the door at 50000, but it was at round 19 i just had 1240 ( use all moneys in the box, big mistake -.-'), i turned in coliseum but stupid death cause i make a zombie train and i didn't watch my back when i shoot there, so one zombie stuck me ........ DAMN.

-Second try: was purchased by zombies under the coliseum and fall down before go to the teleporter ........ GRRRRRR

-Third try: I mad it, it took me long time but i mad it ^^.

So we just can say a good words and no bad words to your map, honestly i really love your map ( especially cause i love the history with gladiator, Spartacus, Spartans, etc ...). Two teddy hide are fun and the other have a good hide ( i found it accidentally cause i search for the power piece ^^). I think it's a good idea to make a box place at PAP room, devil idea but i like it xD. Thank you very so much for your map who finish number one in my list of favorite map :D.
2096 days ago
Hello  :)
It's my first map on this web site, and i really want to say you, THANK YOU FOR THIS AWESOME MAP  :D.
I'm on it ( stuck but not for long time anymore ^^), and very love design. Anywhere, just big thx to you :)
2097 days ago


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