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I recently bought Black Ops 1 on Steam, does anyone here still play it? There's a decent population in the multiplayer but it seems like there's not as many people playing zombies.
1201 days ago
If they confirmed mod tools for BO3, I'd definitely buy it when it comes out.
1521 days ago
1766 days ago
Lacking the motivation?! Bro, this page has been viewed over 70,000 time and is one of the most downloaded custom zombie maps EVER! Kino is beloved by so many zombie fans and you are the only one to deliver on this dream so far. Make a few updated to the map, give it a re-release and this map will be back in the spotlight where it belongs.
I agree, it would be great for this map to get an update.
1823 days ago
Generally you want to upgrade the GPU to improve a game's performance.
1823 days ago
Has someone played it already? I dont want to download a game for two days just to check if its a bad or a good game
Heard its really bad. The company that made it is apparently infamous for their game quality.
1850 days ago
Mass Effect
1889 days ago
1907 days ago
I will still accept two more.
I'll test it if you want.
1916 days ago
Replayability. I want to be able to still enjoy a map after dozens of games on it.
1918 days ago
Question, how cheap could I get all the DLC maps?
$15 for each DLC on Steam. The cheapest they ever go is 50% off.
1921 days ago
What if the explosion temporarily made the surrounding area icy so players would slide on it?
1922 days ago
1. Commando
2. Galil
3. Spectre
4. HS-10
5. CZ75
1922 days ago


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