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I am on my new PC and downloaded modtools, but when I want to convert textures, it just says "FAILED TO EXECUTE: asset_manager". Do I need to download something?
200 days ago
Alright, thanks for your help! I wanted to use this as my game over song and it works.
205 days ago
I am very confused. I think what I meant earlier is what is the Verrukt GAME OVER sound file name.
206 days ago
What is the Verrukt game over file called?
207 days ago
Got it to work now. I replaced the ray gun weapon files in DLC3_Weapons.iwd with my current ones.
209 days ago
Alright, well thanks for your help!
212 days ago
So when I changed the raw/sp ray gun view and world model, for some reason, the viewmodel is invisible but not the world model after I build and compiled the map
212 days ago
I did the "give all" command and the ray gun camo still doesn't change. Do I need to change the view and world models of the raygun and wunderwaffe on the raw/weapons/sp folder?
213 days ago
Well for the wunderwaffe, camo works for viewmodel, but not worldmodel. The PAP'd raygun viewmodel is now invisible for some reason.

EDIT: The PAP'd raygun isn't invisible anymore since I compiled my map. But it is now the same as the wunderwaffe. I made copies of the original ray gun and wunderwaffe xmodels and it still doesn't work. I made sure to check the weapon files's viewmodel and worldmodel. I even put the xmodels in the mod.csv and put the weapon files in my weapons/sp folder in my map folder. I also tried compiling my map, but the same issue persists.

215 days ago
I tried putting camo on wunderwaffe and raygun, but it wouldn't work. I copied the original view and world models for the wunderwaffe and ray so I can put the custom camos on them. But for some reason when I load up, it doesn't appear even when I put those xmodels on the mod.csv and the weapon files.
216 days ago
How do i make the sound alias file for it?
465 days ago
I did not see errors that are related to the weapons
468 days ago
For some reason, when I added shippuden1592's IW Vlad and ricos FFAR, the nonupgraded version does not appear even though I used the console to give the said weapon. If anyone can help, that would be appreciated.
468 days ago


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