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Messages - kirby_kiddd

i cant pm you on this site is there another place i can contact you i can receive but not send
7 years ago
Thank you, I played til round 30 last night on Nuketown. Medic class, fully upgraded Bowie knife, fully upgraded Maverick sniper rifle with fast mags & extended mags attachments on it. Fully upgraded Weevil with fast mags, rapid fire and extended mags attachments on it. Total chaos and absolutely insane fun!

I'm getting some new links tonight for two maps so I'll test them out and if they work I'll send them to you once I have them. Two maps. TWO MAPS. TWO MAPS!!!
im really looking forward to testing this mod i cant wait   :)
7 years ago
Here are some pics of the Realism Mod 3.0 Running on MikeVLC's map NUK37OWN. It runs pretty well but we need people who can do coop testing. So, if you have one or more friends you can coop test with message me and I'll send you a build of the map.
We are SO close to a release we just need to make sure that this mod runs as smoothly as possible and coop testing is essential at this point. Thanks guys  :)

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me and a few of my friend's would like to test this

i cant pm so im leaving my request on this post
7 years ago
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