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Messages - logicaledits

Hey Guys! Logical here. How to Make a Full UGX Mod-Ready map in under an hour.
Let me start off by saying this: I'm not a professional. I made this tutorial well over a year ago, however it has gained me some recognition and its my highest viewed video on my YouTube Channel @ 34K as of October 13th, 2016. I don't have much knowledge with advanced scripting, modeling, or mostly a lot of advanced custom work. I was always curious to make my own Custom Zombie Maps for WaW, so like 3 years ago I picked up on it. I taught myself a lot of what i know about making maps. What inspired me to make this video was that i was always unable to find 'good' tutorials on how to make maps and set everything up, so I made my own for people who are brand new to this lifestyle :)

I hope you all enjoy my video, feedback is gratefully appreciated! Thank you!


- this was made over a year ago, not all of the file links are working. just look them up on google.
8 years ago
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