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Really great map. The lightning on dog rounds can get a little annoying when youre in a building and your screen flashes, but it isn't too bad. Definitely one of the better ones I've ever played.
1084 days ago
Had a fun time playing this map. Lots of different features Ive recognized from other maps that made it feel familiar yet totally different. Great job!
1680 days ago
Truly amazing map, donated to play the beta and it's great to see this get a full release. UGX mod 1.1 is amazing
1683 days ago
I really like the coaster idea. I would love to see that implemented on the map with perhaps some moving train that you can activate. Looking forward to it
1939 days ago
Really cool idea for a map, and is pretty fun to play. Its cool seeing a mix of these maps done in this style. Only thing I would advise is to work on is proportions for the buildings relative to the earlier games.
2003 days ago
I don't think you understand. I'm using the default controller config on [email protected], and everything works, however, it still shows unbound for reload and use in the controls, so you can't bind the X button to both controls. When I'm in a game it will say "press and hold use" or "press and hold unbound" to do things that require the use function. I'm just wondering if there is a way to force both to show the X button so it would look nicer in game (ex: press and hold X to repair barrier").
2020 days ago
While the controller works fine (Im using an xbox controller at the moment to play), the only problem I have with it is that since two controls cant be bound to the same key, reload and use are 'unbound'. They both work in game (the X button on the controller), however, is there a way to force a key bind? I dont find it very pleasing when I go to buy a gun or rebuild a barrier and it says Press and hold 'use' or Press and hold 'unbound' to do whatever.
tl;dr: Is there a way to bind both reload and use to the same button on the controller so it will look pretty on the screen?
2020 days ago
I like this map, but I would have expected more for a map thats so big (in file size). Only having 4 perks (one of which is the original double tap) is something that I would really like to see improved. I also would have liked to have seen some sort of texture for the ground when looking outside a window instead of just the black that you see now. A buyable/winnable ending would be cool too.
Other than that, I thought the map was pretty fun and played it a couple times with my friend and had a blast. Getting a train going is pretty easy in the main open area. We eventually downed ourselves though, it got rather repetitive
2020 days ago
Hey, I'm always interested to play.
Add me on skype or steam: Coluet
2028 days ago
Hey, looking for some chill people to play custom zombies with. Starting to play again after a couple months so I want to play these new maps with some other people. Please have a mic.

Add me on steam/skype: Coluet
2028 days ago


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