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Hello, I played this map recently on stream! It seemed pretty fun to me. So what I like is how simple and fun this is as a map, it's not like you have to do some crazy easter egg just to access Jug. What I will say I have a small problem with is the inability to do this multiplayer. Maybe me being stupid (sorry if so), but I feel that would up the replayability of the map. Then there is also the difficulty of getting the bowie knife. And even when I make it up there, I can't to purchase it. I also feel maybe some added difficulty would be nice, I'm unsure how this can be done, if you can make a custom menu to add or remove things like with BO2 Town, but even without that, this feels like a very fun map
Thanks for playing, the bowie knife glitch is due to not loading in the game, i forgot to pre-cache the knife weapon into the map, so sometimes you can buy the knife and sometimes you won't, i'll fix this issue in the future, thanks for the feedback.

Double Post Merge: August 11, 2019, 12:59:23 am
Well you I opened your map's iwd file and gone to the zombiemode_perk file and changed some things to enable all the other perks that you hadn't and enabled crappy prone while the prone worked (the one that looks like the bo2 dolphin dive but..... Crappy) I didn't get any of the perks I enable I only got what you included on the map which is weird and isn't supposed to happen when you enable perks they should be in the map if there is a wonder fizz to get them I am not saying to fix this problem that the perks that you didn't include I just want to ask why that happened as you made maps before so I supposed you are experienced to know what I did wrong also don't worry I won't steal anything I don't know how to make maps and I literally do that with almost everymap I play cuz I hate perk limits and disabling perks and sometimes I find guns that are semi auto...........THAT WERE SUPPOSED TO BE FULL AUTO like for example I once found a map that had the haymaker semi auto which was stupid 😂 so I changed on the files into a full auto myself as it looked like the map maker isn't continuing it
 well, you where in the right track, you just needed to patch the script files. wich is the "YOUR_MAPNAME_patch.file"
12 days ago
Ah OK also bug report! This one is weird if you go close or to the window in the dog round I know it won't let you build cuz thats how supposed to work the problem is that after you finish the round you will still not be able to rebuild the window so its glitched out while you if you don't go to the window in the dog round and come back to it after the dog round you will be able to rebuild it like normal also if you put the turrent and pick it up and keept doing that I did that cuz I panicked from the zombies you won't be able to switch to other guns except if you pick up the turrent again that fixes it also you don't get a max ammo when you kill the last dog it's abit hard to explain but I hope you understand what I mean

Now what I am about to say isn't a bug and I am not saying you should fix it as they aren't supposed to be there anyways but I want you to tell me what I did wrong so I played around with the files of the map abit and changed the perk limit and put enabled the perks that you didn't enabled so I mead them 1 instead of 0 and I enabled crapy prone too while the prone thing worked I didn't get the perks I enabled in the file could you tell me what I did wrong plz cuz I don't even know how to make maps like that's the most I could do play around with the perks and change the fire mode of weapons from auto to semi or the other way around
 Thanks for the feedback, i'll make sure i'll fix the dog round window glitches in the future. and what do you mean by prone and perks? didn't quite understand.
13 days ago
lol was just playing the older verison of this map and i hate nova crawlers as well thank you for removing them like the only thing they were useful for was that there explosion would kill the zombies

Double Post Merge: August 09, 2019, 06:40:32 pm

Also is the free perk mini ee still there? Cuz I thrown alot of greneds outside of the window and didn't get it
No i removed that, but i there's new powerups, i believe the perk powerup can spawn
13 days ago
I'm sorry i'm posting this now, but i was scrolling through my files when i saw this map again, 'TheOneWindow' i was actually trying to fix it, and i occasionally focused my time on another thing and so i stopped. its not finished, there's no eastereggs ..well there's some mini-eastereggs there. i added a new zombie round it may be bugged, so be aware.
i took off those dam nova crawlers, it really bugged out the game. so enjoy, i may or may not finish the map, well let's see.

Map Download [Mediafire]: ~ Thanks for Downloading! 😉

Size: 371mb

Requirements: Need the T4M file before playing.

Credits: ~ woudn't make this without them

Tom-BMX: Applications and Tools

HarryBo21 and his team: Perks


- All WaW Weapons and some Black Ops 1 Weapons
- Bo1, Bo2, and Bo3 Perks
- New Nuked round

- More Graphical Setting included ( can now change shadow and specular settings )

- FOV slider
15 days ago
I just wanna say, I wish to see all maps remade in all CoD games with mod support from WAW to BO3. Thank you for pushing that one bit farther. I hope to see an origins remake one day and seeing a Moon remake out of all things gives me hope for that. Awesome looking map, gonna try it out soon
why thank you 🙂

Double Post Merge: August 07, 2019, 01:02:39 am

Looks really good man! i will try later, great work.
wish i could've done more. thanks for playing :)
16 days ago
plz tell me the wavegun is in this map
its there but half made. i was having troubles with the zap guns. 
152 days ago
thanks for playing :) but yet don't know if i should continue because it takes too much in my time.

Double Post Merge: March 05, 2019, 04:53:27 pm
thanks ;)

Double Post Merge: March 05, 2019, 11:35:20 pm
Woops, yeah thanks for the remind :+1:

Double Post Merge: March 05, 2019, 11:37:36 pm
This super great the map, has some details, but if you keep creating it it will be excellent :)
Thanks man. i dunno maybe i'll comeback when i have time.

Double Post Merge: March 05, 2019, 11:39:35 pm
Great map i love the death animations so smooth and relevant to the ambient some few bug ceashes here and there but nothing much, looking forward to it ;)
Yeah, i figured out how to make the zombies float when killed on moon, took me a while to do it.
170 days ago
Thanks for downloading, did you explode earth?

173 days ago
This is my last Custom Zombies Map ​​​​im going to Upload, im quitting. You see, i don't have alot of time to make maps, even tho it's fun. Thank you all for downloading my maps. This is a 6 month old map i worked on, it's UNFINISHED by the way. so there may be various bugs.

Download( Mediafire ): ~ Thank You for Downloading! :boom:

Size: 150mb

Requirements: ~ Need this before playing
T4M file


Credits: ~ woudn't make this without them
Tom-BMX: Applications and Tools
UGX Rorke: Bo1 Weapons

- Black Ops 1 Weapons & Pack-A-Punched
- 3 Perks
- Space Dynamics
- Astronaut Boss Zombie
- Wasteland Time Counter
- Earth Explosion included ( Look for a terminal on the moon for explosion )
- More Graphical Setting included ( can now change shadow and specular settings )
- FOV slider and Zombie Counter

181 days ago
A really Well Made Map! :smile:
181 days ago
no its not poasible. some mappers fix that. but mostly everyone dont.
371 days ago
spooky map, give it 9/10.
372 days ago
its not a bug. in the '_zombiesmode.gsc' file, every player is defaulty spawned with its FOV on 60. i think its command is "playersSetDvar( "fov", 60 );"
372 days ago


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