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unknown item freeze_gun ????
 did you copy everything inside mod.txt and paste it onto your map's mod.csv?
45 days ago

* Please add me to your Credit List: Cristian_M

Description: Exported Winter's Howl with Upgraded Version.


Treyarch - Models, Effects, and Sounds

Download Site: Mediafire
Download Size: 11mb

57 days ago
Just a heads up, I've encountered 3 bugs:
zombies don't run away when you down with quick revive resulting in an inevitable game over,
when you red screen with Jug, you don't regen health causing the infamous 1 hit glitch.
[Rare] downing with the thundergun will cause the reload animation to loop

like the addition of the BO2 death animation tho.
alright thanks for the report
177 days ago
* all 4 regular perks are located in the naucht map
* 30,000 points buyable ending
* With solo Quick Revive

v1.1 Fixes:
- Juggernaug health not regenerating
- downed .vision not applied when downed
- now has original perk shaders
- Zombies still following player when downed

v1.2 Fixes:
- Buyable ending now ends the game
- windows can be repaired faster with SpeedCola

New Features: 
- Reduced Perks trigger radius ( issues with repairing windows )
- You can now Gather 100 points when proned near a perkmachine
- Solo Laststand gives the players the Mustang and Sally weapon
- Thundergun is removed from the box

/ You guys want Mulekick perk in this mod? and in every nazi_zombies map ( verruct\shino numa\ der riese )
/ Should i keep the thundergun in this mod?


Size: 6.3mb
181 days ago
Hey bro, u said u was going to release a new update of this map in December 13, Currently is December 22......
 sorry dude been busy, i may not map this time around but here the link to the updated version
192 days ago
Hey found out how to fix the hellhounds animations in co-op. For some reason the original modtools dog animscript is set to the multiplayer shepherds. i changed it to zombie dogs now. here's a download for you guys to replace the old animscripts file with this new one.;D

Download: Mediafire

Download Size: 3kb

- replace the 'call of duty: world at war/raw/animscripts/dog_init.gsc' with the download version of 'dog_init'
- then compile the nazi_zombie_MAPNAME.ff and nazi_zombie_MAPNAME_patch.ff

- Treyarch ( for the scripts )
- Chasr34 ( co-op Testing )
- Greglout ( co-op Testing )

EDIT: Included Much clearer instructions on how to install, Big Thanks to 'Greglout'
204 days ago
A fun map to play. I just noticed that when you PaP the ray gun and the PTRS-41 it gives you the default weapon, also some weapons are not upgraded when you PaP, althought a cool map for me.
 I'll be fixing that, NEW Version will be out by
Friday, December 13, 2019
219 days ago
I think he is talking about the wunderwaffle 1 hit down issue.
yea, maybe thats it. i'll get a look at that.
220 days ago
hey is very good although I have the problem of the sudden life they kill me of 1 blow I try to upload rounds and that is the problem otherwise this excellent I ask you if you could correct that error
 does the bug occur after being revived?
222 days ago

- Some Bo3 weapons ( will add more in the future )

- 8 Wonder Weapons:
* Chasr's Custom Gun ( an OP shotgun that bursts zombies into flames when killed )
* Wunderwaffle
* Apothicon Servant
* Raygun MK2
* Raygun MK3
* Shrink Ray
* Winter' Howl
* Thundergun
* Wavegun

* Elemental Rayguns( will add in the future )
* Quantum Bomb ( will add in the future )

- Dolphin Dive ( doesnt work for co-op )
- You can uncap fps on settings now + more player settings such as fov and effects

- Has a buyable ending

- Panzer/ Spawns at round 8 and every 3 rounds that passes ( Has low health will fix that in the future )

- 3 New Zombies

* Brawler/ has red eyes and %25 health than regular zombies

* Zapper/ has blue eyes and %15 health than regular zombies and when killed a burst of electricity hits the player when close

* Ticker/ when looked at it freezes position for 10 seconds until not looked at, when it goes near the player it explodes

At the start of round 5, Every 2 rounds a truck will appear with a random perk on its truck, thats the only way you can buy perks.

* There's no eastergg in the map, i'll add a *main quest* soon.

- If you prone the first few seconds when the map starts ( you'll activate Test Mode )

- The map is still not finished so there are buildings that lead to no-where

Big Thanks to:
- Panzer ( bluntstuffy )
- Chasr34 ( testing and giving ideas )
- JayJive ( testing and sharing )
- Catnip ( bo1 assets )
- shippuden1592 ( bo3 guns )
- BaD BoY 17 ( bo3 guns )

1 - Install the map first by downloading the wizard and running it
2 - Download the image and sound pack ( .iwd files ) in the links below
3 - After the wizard was installed drag both sound and image .iwd files to here : "C/AppData/Local/Activision/CoDWaW/mods/nazi_zombie_thelegend"



Map Download site: mediafire
Size: 200mb

Requirements: Need the T4M file before playing.

263 days ago
hey there is a bug i cant see 90% of the map
ok buddy you got me there for a second.

Double Post Merge: September 05, 2019, 10:47:33 pm
No he quit modding. Maybe he is helping here and there but this is what you can get.

That's what you have to deal with good luck!

You did a great job at making this mod!
It seems people hope you will finish the map and can't read the front page.
 i posted a new map, you can play it's beta version "TheLegen27", im working on the main easteregg quest and a samantha bossfight on the moon.
306 days ago
The map is good, it has a different configuration compared to the spectacular map but you could try in the future to develop it by changing the default weapons for the cod bo3. Tnx, for published this map, although simple, it's a good map
 i will add them, don't worry. Thanks for the Download.
306 days ago


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