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I just want to say that I never saw this map before but it looks great! Didn't play WaW for a while, this got me a bit pumped.
1684 days ago
I knew someone would find a solution! Thank you Scobalula! At least now with my shitty Athlon II I can compile lights at low...
1786 days ago
I guess you weren't paying attention, Harry, Nate & other modders moved completely to Modme.
Yep, I don't have time to do that so I miss things. Sad to see them go.
Didn't notice anything "toxic" tho.
1835 days ago
Really wtf is going on this month? Some people just leave or get their profiles removed. What's the deal with natesmithzombies?
1836 days ago
Not sure what you mean
I mean what is the purpose of that "level" before calling the function?
1838 days ago
self is 'level' here not a player or a zombie so that where things start to go wrong
"level" is a global function here, yea? I know with vars they are global if you use level on them, but what about functions?
1838 days ago
Like this?

hud = NewClientHudElem( self );

That should work, it worked in the updated power ups HUD I done and it's used in Harry's perks for the HUD, iirc removing self should spawns it on all players.
LOL I should use NewClientHudElem instead?
1844 days ago
How am I supposed to do this? I tried making a function that creates hud and putting "self" inside the braces and then calling it from a player that activated the trigger for example, but that HudElem still shows up for everyone.
1844 days ago
I made an elevator where the zombies went up with you, but they stood still on the ride and you could just kill them. When I gave it to someone, they could not get the zombies to follow them in the elevator at all. We never figured out why.

One thing that helps I think is to have a real floor under the elevator, structural. Call connect paths on the doors, if they are not models, or clips if they are models.
Yea I've seen that "real floor" in the "Five" map with noclip :P Interesting stuff.
This is how it looks on my map and yes this is Black Ops, not WaW :D:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
1847 days ago
Those are called on script_brushmodels that have dynamicpath selected. Elevators get tricky though because its in mid air, and nothing for the zombies to stand on and path.

edit: There are types of clips, I think it is, that zombies will path on, I forget what they are though, soy yo knows, I think he answered somewhere in the forum about it.
Lol I figured that DYNAMIC_PATH thingy just a few minutes ago. With ai_showpaths 2 I can see that zombies are trying to go to me but they still hang in place a lot (but it was so much worse without DYNAMIC_PATH). Do I even need pathnodes inside these script_brushmodels (elevator itself)?
1847 days ago
I don't want to make a new topic so I might ask another question that is not related to the topic but whatever lol. Here goes: you know how ConnectPaths() and DisconnectPaths() functions work? Required stuff for an elevator :P
1847 days ago
Picture would help, but make sure:
 - there isn't more than one clip
 - The traverse has room width wise and is not inside the brushes (on the sides)
 - The travers is a click above the brush it has to go over
 - The pathnodes are not inside other nodes and being ignored
 - You yourself are standing in an area that shows paths connected to from the window
Really I just made two prefabs (traverse and boards) into one and it's fixed now... WTF?
1847 days ago
Ok, I know this is a super noobish question but I've tried for hours to fix this and I just dunno what's wrong. Basically zombies are spawning and breaking the barrier but then they just stop there and try to hit me from distance (lol). I'm not a complete noob so thing like forgetting to connect paths or wrong KVPs do not apply. What may be wrong is entities themselves (pathnodes near the barrier, AI clip even maybe - I still dunno why does it need to be there). Any thoughts?
1848 days ago
Just create a point of interest at the triggers origin. Set the radius less than the distance you are teleporting them too. If they get inside the distance it will mess them up without a path to it. Then when they trigger the trigger, teleport them.
But the effect will be permanent? No way to make them path to players again?
1850 days ago


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