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Old player here. I still remember when Berlin HQ was the huge map back in the day. Though I do love everything they did for the map and thoroughly enjoyed it. Also nice gif BTW!
929 days ago
Beat the map on my first attempt, just saw it tonight and tried it. Figured out easter egg for pack-a-punch fast and got it all done in the picture shown. Screenshots on my steam account on profile for authentication.

931 days ago
so hey love the map even did a video on it and posted it on ugx in the youtube section. I do have some tweaks you could change that would just look a little bit more appealing. First, change the hand holding model to the arms of the characters. It gives that feel like your actually playing those people.(note i could not go into thirdperson through commands so didnt see the models but by screenshots they are cast from kh2). Second, change the glow to a dark shade for magic pickups. In destiny island i explain it in my video that the brightness makes it hard to see whay pickups are there. Thank you for reading my post and hope you end up doing those changes in the future! :D :
941 days ago
Hey guys here is my new gameplay of kingdom hearts zombies for CoD:WaW, this is my first full 40 minute or so commentary so I don't sound the best or know what to say at times but hope you enjoy the video!!

941 days ago
Hello everyone, my name is WatchersGrim but you can just call me grim for short. I have been in a lot of communities for CoD:WaW zombies. My original name is VZ MeAdOw here on ugx but now i go by this name for the fact of my new youtube career(you can find all social media sites im on by going to my profile). I do all sorts of things from mapping to website creating, i use to own gaming servers and i currently own a dell poweredge 860 running windows servers 2000 for experimental purposes. So if you just want to chat or play, all you got to do is hmu on anything i use, Remember the name WatchersGrim :D
942 days ago


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