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Messages - mmatt421

this will be one sick map if all go as planned for you guys
12 years ago
That menu looks epic.
12 years ago
welcome to the site
12 years ago
Cool,that sounds awesome
13 years ago
I hosted a mod on mw2, called Make em fall.
The idea was this :
-1 or 2 floors that are made from carepackages
-All players have a pistol to shoot the carepackage to let his enemies fall down and die (if you shoot the player you cant kill him - almost no damage)
-At the beginning a gamble system : you get 1 of the pistols, or have change of a tmp (submachinegun)
-It was really fun and everyone alsways likes it (full lobby everytime)

So now the point to my idea:
-You need a small flat map thats made of some kind of boxes that can be destroyed by bullits (6-7 per box)
-The zombies run fast to you (Destroy the boxes to kill them - You cant kill em with your pistol!)
-make it like a square for running around(more challenge, you can fall down yourself too =)
-it needs a gambling system thats gives you pistols like colt,nambu,walther,magnum or moderns weps desert eagle,usp etc. (if youre lucky get a smg)
-it has diffrend levels (easy - medium - hard)
-The zombies need to spawn in the air so they fall down on the platform (more challenge)

I hope ou like this idea

Greetz Jeff

That don't sound like too much fun if you ask me..
13 years ago
yea i understand it takes a while and it is alot of hard work.but the ugx crew goes hard and your work will pay off im sure so its worth the wait.
13 years ago
looks great,tons of deail.looks like it will be a good mulitplayer map..also looks pretty big
13 years ago
looks great,gun game for zombies sounds awesome and arcade sounds pretty cool.cant wait for the releases or atleast the first teaser vid
13 years ago
looks awesome..and the gun game for zombies sounds even awesomer.cant wait
13 years ago
awesome will stay updated on them.
13 years ago


hey all,my name is matt,im might no me from zm.i guess thats all for now.
13 years ago
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