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Messages - blackknight676

would be really cool if this worked with other mods but idk if that is possible. Downloading now!!!!!!

UPDATE: im not sure if its supposed to work on call of the dead but i get a black screen loading up the map, if it isnt then disregard this message

UPDATE 2: every map seems to freeze (i only have kino and call of the dead)

Error : could load image '~~gmtl_t6_wpn_zmb_raygun2_sp~9be110a1'

Update 3: ok problem was another mod my bad, shouldve tinkered with it before posting :P
7 years ago
so  any fix for the crash on launch
8 years ago
steam version
8 years ago
when i move the .dll file to my root folder my game crashes on startup giving an unhandeled exception
yet the sound fix doesnt work
8 years ago
sort of surprised no one else has reported this but i cant seem to shoot through the window by speed cola and jugg
8 years ago
when i play this on co-op the meshes or w.e go all crazy and out of place along with my guns and a few things not showing up will post a pic soon
8 years ago
i sent you a friend request on steam, read my post in this subfourm to learn a bit more about me, im not as good as you but im willing to learn. my highest on console was 30 and on pc its 30 as well
8 years ago
Hello, and welcome to my thread. I am currently seeking some new buddies to play some WaW with

My name is Josh and i am 20 years old. I just bought WaW and BO1 about a week ago and have amassed a good amount of maps. im a friendly guy who plays for fun and not competition. im also still getting used to the controls of pc so i have yet to make it to round 40 or something crazy like that, but im looking forward to meeting some of you and getting to know everyone's play styles.

I DONT HAVE A HEADSET, but i could use my laptops built in mic if needed.

See you guys later and happy gaming
8 years ago
tbh im not even going to download this it looks EXACTLY the same as you last tutorial map. Although saying that, im eager to see what original maps you can come up with
8 years ago
This is a minor problem and im not sure if it goes here or not but, sometimes i like to broadcast my games via steam but to do that steam has to register that im in game and when i launch a map via the map manager it doesnt register im in game yet gives me the steam overlay (basically my name stays blue and i cant invite people to watch)
8 years ago
my name is josh and i have just recently started playing custom zombies and would love to play with some of you guys

Steam username: hookahbomb123

wanna know more about me, ask me on steam
8 years ago
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