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Try to install T4M.
1038 days ago
Hello ive been playing the map for some time now and i can't seem to find the key you press to eat the gobblegum,other than that amazing map man ;)
The usable ones are usually by pressing "X" i believe.
1052 days ago
Its the same as the fucking map pack, make a seperate map.

Its just pointless i try playing your damn map pack but it always crashes with the attachment shit im never able to find the anti cheat and honestly i really want to try some of the maps out in the pack. Its just pointless like seriously, i sat here for 5 hours yesterday trying to fix the cheat issue even tho i don't have a mod menu or cheats of sort.
Do you have t4m installed?
1064 days ago
The new minecraft village easter egg is amazing man. Keep up the good work! +1
1065 days ago
Enjoyz ze stay
1300 days ago
Can the SOE EE be done in solo?
1308 days ago
I never understood where the leveling in bo3 was good for. Where do you need lvl up for in zombies???
I think it is more of a goal type of system. for that reason why in multiplayer?
1309 days ago
Do weapons not level up when "Solo Game"?
Do i need to play split-screen or online everytime to level them up?
1319 days ago
So far i found two parts(need handle). Been playing for over 2 hours now. Guys pls help me.
1329 days ago
NJOI your stay man! Good luck!!!
1334 days ago
ZombieGasm :nyan: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:
1339 days ago
I understand that you are probably learning modding here, but if you just post the tutorial map you will get flamed. try to do something special!
1340 days ago
Too many boners in 2016. :rainbow:
1343 days ago
U give me boners  :nyan:
1355 days ago
Welcome to UGX!

Trust me, your grammar is far from 'broken' lol. Better that alot of peoples'.

And why no love for battlefield?  ::)
ikr? imagine zombies with frostbite engine  :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:
1370 days ago


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