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1853 days ago
classic human-torment simulator

BAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA    :lol: :lol: :lol:

Also a coincidence that Sims is brought up at this time, since I just joined a community that's trying to restore "The Sims Online".
1853 days ago
Since little wee Remixful was born, I've been listening to my favorite song: voices in my head.  :alone:
1855 days ago
Never played it, Never will.
"11/10 Mediocre - IGN"
1855 days ago
Easy = Boring.

Boring = Boring.

Not the way to go bro.
1855 days ago
Alright thanks. Once again, Radiant has failed at visuals.
1882 days ago
I'd like to know the best  way to make a skybox, because obviously, whenever I put a skybox in my map it looks like there's an apocalypse going on in the sky.  Like really, someone please tell me wtf is this.  :fuuu: :fuuu:

1882 days ago

it's so sexy.
1883 days ago
I'm just going to use the distance on the bottom as of now, and see how it goes.
Otherwise, I can just find other ways to find vector values.
Thanks for the help anyways. :)

1884 days ago

I moved around the door a few times, no origin key has been created.
1884 days ago

I only see an origin on the bottom of Radiant, but not exactly sure how I'm supposed to copy it...
So i guess I can use distance for script_vector?
1884 days ago
@n123q45  :please:

@OP Which wiki page are you following, and keep in mind you have to have an entity selected in radiant for any origin key to be shown in the Entities window.
And yes, I do have the door selected.
1884 days ago
If I set key to origin, what is the value?
1884 days ago
The UGX Wiki states to:
Open the Entity Window and click the "origin" Key. Copy its value to your clipboard, then paste it somewhere safe for reference.

Now, when I press N, there is no "origin" key to be found anywhere. Perhaps I'm not looking in the right place? Not sure. Can anybody help me?
1884 days ago


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