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Hugh I see the text but every time I click it nothing happens?    Never Mind I put Nazi_zombie_mapname and got it to work! ;D
2216 days ago
Thanks man worked Great :D!
2217 days ago
I don't know if there are any tutorials but I just want to put the basic nuke, instakill, max ammo, carpenter drops in my map.  I see the _zombiemodeperks file but I don't know how to script it. :-X  Help please! ;)

2217 days ago
And now begins my next question how do I do that!
2217 days ago
Actually I never even installed ugx mod tools patch. I was wondering where a lot of stuff was  ;D@    Its all working now tho thanks :D!
2217 days ago
Normally it should be at 500 by default..

Go to root/raw/maps and search for _zombiemode.gsc.
Copy this file to root/mods/"your map name"/maps.

then open the file with any text-program (preferably notepad++ or wordpad) and search for this line:

// Scoring

then underneath you should see this line:

set_zombie_var( "zombie_score_start", 500 );

where I have "500" right now you can set the score you have at the beginning.

Thanks man I never copyed my zombiemode.gsc. file over I was wondering where it was  :D!
2218 days ago
Ok this is probably a FAQ? But I cant seem to find an answer anywhere.  I am using UGX script placer and I made a map but I start off with 500,000 points. ???  How can I make it 500? :)
2218 days ago


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