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Messages - sanyihun192

Hello everybody.

I and My friend Stendby Create a call of duty black ops custom zombies mode and only cracked version work Custom weapon model. Original version is example m14_zm is default gunmodel use but cracked version is work m14_zm custom model.
how to fix? 
Please help me!
6 years ago
Hello everybody this my problem I add demon mod team Attack gametype to openwarfare and this script error message bet:

and this is repeated.
Thanks in advance for anyone who can help!
6 years ago Look this screenshot this body is bad but idk how to fix original model Good but ingame no
7 years ago
Hello everybody This my problem 100% rigged custom Player character but ingame is bad this 2 Picture
7 years ago
Hello everybody I search Advanced warfare exo zombies lilith swann character and all exo zombies types and few weapons

-KF5 + Animations
-AMR9 + Animations

I Try make zombies mod in call of duty 4 2007.
7 years ago
Hello everybody this my script error undefined is not an array, string, or vector

This link console information:
Spoiler: click to open...
7 years ago
Call menufiles soundaliases file name example
7 years ago
Hello everybody this my problem Try black osp 3 Vesper weapons Seanim import autodesk maya 2014
and this  images

What is the problem please Help me :(
7 years ago
Hello everybody I try edited openwarfare juggernaut to X4 mod and this error Serverside:
******* script runtime error *******
cannot switch on undefined: (file 'extreme/_ex_utils.gsc', line 24)
called from:
(file 'extreme/_ex_varcache.gsc', line 671)
  level.scr_hardpoint_force_jugweapon = [[level.ex_dvardef]] ( "scr_hardpoint_force_jugweapon", "deserteaglegold_mp", "", "string");
called from:
(file 'maps/mp/gametypes/_globallogic.gsc', line 9)
called from:
(file 'maps/mp/gametypes/war.gsc', line 59)
started from:
(file 'maps/mp/gametypes/war.gsc', line 54)
----- Server Shutdown -----

This sys_err:
Sys_Error: script runtime error
(see console for details)
cannot switch on undefined

Please help me  :(
7 years ago
hello everybody this my problem Create custom weapons in maya and aniamtion switch gun error message:
# Warning: Nothing is selected. Select objects or components to delete. #
# Error: RuntimeError: Could not find a file to unload.
This reference cannot be unloaded. Possibly items from another file are parented to items from this file. #
select -r VM_Gun:J_Gun ;
select -add VM_Gun:m16 ;
# Error: TypeError: Object VMParentConstraint is invalid #
how to fixed error?
7 years ago
Hello everybody this is my problem export xmodel character in maya 2011 and Error:

How to fix this problem?
7 years ago
Hello all how to Exported cod ghosts map xmodel?

-Trying Tom BMX Lime64 not load map xmodel

-trying wraither not load map xmodel

can help me please
7 years ago
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