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I'm back with more complaining about bugs,

- knife speed seems to be really slow for the starting pistol
- zombies sometimes clip into the wall next to the window, next to quick revive while trying to hit player through the window
- zombies just stand still when death by Thundergun/
- debris next to who's who leading to the Ak47-u wall buy seems to have no point

normal complaints:
- no pack a punch or just hard to find because I couldn't find it
- no good place to camp/train (I don't know if this was intended or not)

a decent map I'd give it a 6/10, not my style, good for people who are looking for a challenge, due to normal complaints^
676 days ago
I hate the blur when I aim down sights, is there a way to turn that off?
686 days ago
map doesn't launch
687 days ago
Really great map, lots of easter eggs, for me the only problem is the 1.2 update made it REALLY hard
687 days ago
this fucking map crashed so goddamn hard for me playing solo, it forced me to reset my computer to another save point before i installed this map   holy fuck dude  how do you even manage that
687 days ago
Map doesn't even launch
687 days ago

just made it so there's like one other guy on here tho
688 days ago
How do you turn off the blur when ADS?
749 days ago
Great map, keep it up! ;D I love how it keeps the same layout as Der Riese 8). My only nit-pick would be how little time you have to connect the teleporters. You have earned "Seal Of Approval" from some guy on the forums who has nothing better to do but complain about some maps about their tiny little quirks (me). :D
1025 days ago
Dude, GREAT MAP 9.99999999/10 ;D, Honestly my new favorite, but the reason its 9.99 is cuz a very small nit-pick from the guy who loves complaining (me) :P. When you kill the zombies on the ladder to the top of the tower you no points for their death but it wouldn't be a problem if the ladder to the top wasn't where half of the zombies come to kill you. :'(

(P.S: I love the upgraded Spas-12 name brother)
1026 days ago
Perks need power but there is no power if there is where??? I've spent my time until round 20 running around with a ranger looking for power. :-\
1029 days ago
I love the guns chosen for this map and the custom perk & mystery box, but it's hard to hear the jingles when all I hear is "volume maxed out" sniper elite nazi zombie screeches and gun sounds louder and longer than the Tsar Bomb >:(, what I'm trying to say is the volume ratio of the guns and zombies to the rest of the game is way off and the other nit-pick I have is some of the doors blend in with the environment a little too well otherwise :P, great map! ;D
1029 days ago


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