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does not load on maya 2015
2293 days ago
Take a screenshot of your map's folder contents in AppData\CoDWaW\mods\yourmapname and post it here as a reply.
sorry, I deleted UGX, the only reason I was getting it for mapping was for modern weapons.
I just figured out how to custom weapons with blender
2295 days ago
I used this and it said I successfully moved my 2 files but my map still doesn't work
2296 days ago
If you get the 16 fonts error you did not move the files correctly with the project mover, trust me. Remember you have to do it after every compile.
I have move checked on both files,mod folder is my map name folder,am I doing something wrong?
2296 days ago
I followed the tutorial on the wiki about installing UGX mod standalone, when I test my map it says "exceeded 16 fonts" on the wiki it says that the error is caused by not moving your project after compiling, but I did that successfully.
2296 days ago


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