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 You would have to set it to a lighting state and do it via scripting.
1381 days ago
This is looking so good, i REALLY want to play it :P
1386 days ago
The script just counts how many zombies are alive, not how many left in the current round.
1404 days ago
This is looking amazing!
1404 days ago

There's a simple fix for this!

Go into your Black Ops 3 Directory and enter Radiant > Autosavebackup, there you will find heaps of auto backups of your maps/prefabs.

In your File Browser, Right click > Sort by > Date.

You want to copy the top one of your Map.

Now, go back to your Black Ops 3 Directory and goto Map_source > ZM.

Paste your .map that you copied from your backups and remove the extra stuff at the end so it's back down to

Now open your map in Radiant!

If this doesn't work, go back to your backups and get the 2nd top one, keep going down the list until you find one that works.
1417 days ago
Here is how I fixed it:

1) Backup your map_source & usermaps folders.

2) Delete Local Content through steam for both Black Ops 3 & Mod Tools.

3) Goto Steam > Settings > Downloads > Steam Library Folders

4) Create a new Directory of your choosing (Has to be a new Directory)

5) Install Black Ops 3 and Choose the new Directory.

6) Install Black Ops 3 Mod Tools and Choose the new Directory.

7) Download the DLC Assets.

8) Launch the Mod Tools Launcher and create a new ZM Map.

9) Drag your map_source & usermaps folder over into the Root Folder of k Ops 3 and Overwrite.

10) Open your map in radiant! :))

Reason of New Directory:
When you delete the local content, steam keeps all the Saves, Configs, Cache Files, Workshop Items, etc...
1417 days ago
You don't have a Dedicated GPU and your trying to run Black Ops 3 Mod Tools?

1417 days ago
The only thing i've found is scoreinfo.csv, which can only change the XP and Score received.

Anyone know if there is one to change the points?
1418 days ago
Looks amazing!!
1419 days ago
Looking amazing!
1419 days ago
You can add <below> to your Usermap GSC Script in Function Main.
	level.zombie_ai_limit = 31;

This changes how many Zombies can be alive at once, the default is 24 and the maximum is 31.

This can increase the difficulty and make it alot more difficult to train.
1419 days ago
Wot? I assume English isn't your first langauge...

1423 days ago
This was happening to me recently, you can try:

- You can try and up the "shadow split rate" on your Volume Sun in Entity Info

- Change the size of the volume and shrink it as much as possible

- If you have changed the Lighting Quality, put it back to Default.
1427 days ago
Update: My HDD has completely failed and stopped working, but luckily I backed up my map and all that, in the process of Redownloading Black Ops 3 and Mod Tools.

Not too sure how the custom textures and models are gonna react though..

Double Post Merge: October 30, 2016, 01:40:19 am
Aight! Recovered my map got it all working again, although had to make a new Workshop Page, since I lost the original thing for it.

You can find it at:

Enjoy :D
1427 days ago


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