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You'll probably want to learn the basic fundamentals of Radiant Black and how it works before you hop right into creating a zombies map. If you want to learn, just lookup some videos on youtube such as "Black Ops 3 Mod Tools tutorial" or things of that nature. Google is your friend.

Ive looked around a bit, and i have a basic idea of how to do things, but could i get a link or two to a tutorial about setting up buyable doors and working barricades. I know where the prefabs for them are, but i want to know how to make risers and make sure they spawn in and go the correct direction.
    Thanks, Alacrity
1448 days ago
Hi, im a first time map maker and am barely grasping the radiant black tool. I have some rudimentary brushes down n such, but i want to add details like models and stuff. Im not sure how to add models, add perks, or set up barricades that have zombie spawns. Any sort of help would be appreciated!  :)
    Thanks, Alacrity
1450 days ago


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