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Hi every body, my name is Nathan Host, i'm located in France and i love the zombies universe and graphic/technologic style. I worked 3 years in a Art and Concept school and today i'm using Maya 2016 to create original concepts of models for Black Ops 3 Zombies.

I am searching for now some one or a team that need a 3D Modeler, i can create original weapons, grenades, specialists etc... In 3D and make them textures but the only problem is that i really don't know how to edit them in APE (even if my models are XMODEL_BIN, when i open them as xmodel in APE i see an ugly cube) So if someone wants to teach me how to edit from Maya to APE my models i will work for free for him. Like, " Hey navden make me the model of an Ray Gun Riffle " i'll give him this for exemple. :

Contact me at : [email protected] or at my facebook : Half Navden or just here and say me how can i contact you, it will be a pleasure to see my models played and animated on a map.
1439 days ago
why rifle kino?

Well its a random name but the question is if you this file for edit it and make this model playable ?
1440 days ago
Hi guys, i just finished my Ray Gun Mark IV or Ray Riffle Kino (original name) but i don't know how to edit it in APE (when i open it in xmodel_bin i see a ugly cube)... SO maybe someone of you want it ? I can also make the model of a Black Hole Grenade or even a Tornado Gauntlet etc... Just quote me and i'll send you the model by email.
1442 days ago
Hi guys i just done my ray riffle from maya exported to xmodel then xmodel_bin and when i import it to APE here is the screen of what i search help for...

Here is a tutorial or something ? Tell me the steps to finaly see my gun in my hands on a map...
1449 days ago
Nevermind guys the problem is solved ! Thanks a lot !
1449 days ago
I was able to fix this earlier when porting a waw weapon to bo3.

Put the original .py script for it into documents/maya/mayaversion/scripts

Then go into maya and goto Windows/General Editors/Script Editor then select the python box and put this in:
import sys
sys.path.append("path to where you put the script")
import CoDMayaTools
and click the single blue arrow.

The annoying part is you need to do this every time you open maya, however you can just save it by going to the file/save in the window you just opened so you don't need to type it everytime instead just go into that window and click file/open and select it then click the blue arrow.

Once you do this the codtools tab should appear in the top bar and everything should work.

Reckfullies i got this error ... I thank you a lot for helping me but i searched on the net and i didnt find a way to fix it. Do you know ?


 I added you on steam by the way (username : 1/2 Navden)
1449 days ago
Hi guys.  >:( I just done my Ray Gun Mk IV in maya 2016 and I'm still waiting for this error fix that i have posted when i want to export to xmodel from maya :  Error: NameError: file <maya console> line 1: name 'CoDMayaTools' is not defined.

If you don't know the fix. Tell me PLEASE!! where can i find an obj/ma to xmodel converter or a way to export my model to an xmodel ! (i tryed export2bin, lime, lime64) but no one success...

Please help me ...
1449 days ago
Hi guys, i'm really lost in APE ...
I have a few questions for my project.

First, i don't find the guns is APE (for example the KN-44 for get inspired for the stats of my weapons) where can i see it ? Its a .bulletweapon file ? Juste say me how to see a simple gun (with properties) in APE...

I created a 3D model of a Ray Gun Riffle in Maya, and if i succeed to export it in xmodel than xmodel_bin with export2bin.exe, i want to make him playable in a custom map.

I need those things : How do i change the textures of projectiles shot by my rifle ? With wich software do i create animations like Explosions, shots etc... Or just where the shots and explosion animations of zombies files are ?

Other thing, i want to create a Black Hole Grenade (wich i have already the 3D Model.) and i want to know where the apothicon servant black hole animation is ? (i dont find it in game files)
How do i add the "black hole" effect (wich take in it the zombies) to my grenade ? its a script or what ? 

If someones help me and it works, i will be realy realy beholden to him (like little gift in steam for exemple :) ) BECAUSE ITS TOO HARD WITHOUT FKING YOUTUBE TUTORIALS
1451 days ago
Yo. You have the cod export tools in documents/scripts, right? As well as a usersetup.mel in the same location with the import command?

Which version of Maya are you using? I tried doing it on 2017 and got an error. Get 2014 if you don't already have it.

You mean that have the scritps in Documents/maya/maya/2016/scripts is not suffisant ? In the folder scripts, i have these files : version, usersetup.mel (with this line in it : python("import CoDMayaTools");), LISENCE, CoDMayaTools.pyc,

I must have something more ? If yes give me the instructions please :/ I'm using maya 2016.
1452 days ago
Hi guys, i followed this instructions :

And when i hit the button export to XMODEL the console says me this : # Error: NameError: file <maya console> line 1: name 'CoDMayaTools' is not defined

Help me please...
1452 days ago


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