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When using textures, you need to use the ones that say "lit" not "decal".
That is clearly a decal that complements its "lit" counterpart.
1441 days ago
I had the problem once. it ended up being something to do with buggering up the link to one of the files when you make the map. Everything except models ended up invisible.

I ended up creating another new map.

I resized umbra, fpstool, sun boxes and recreated the skybox to accommodate my map. I deleted the floor, the little wall and the reflection node and pasted my map contents into the middle. I moved the spawns in the middle of my map, the global intermission above and angled down, then I re-saved it as a new map andrecompiled.....and it worked.
I'm still not entirely sure what caused it, but I have a suspicion that it's got something to do with the sun relative to 0,0,0.
I.E. center of map being centre on XYZ axis'.
1442 days ago
Originally made by -CsA- Psycofalc in 2008

I remade it for XGS clan in 2011, calling it Killingfields Plus.

This is the third re-iteration of this map.

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1443 days ago
JBirds tutorial on making a river. It's not as simple as just making a "water" clip.

1444 days ago
Just doing the finishing touches now. getting the ambient sound radiuses correct, and doing the minimap. should be on steam workshop (when I figure out how to do that) within the week. Looks a lot better than this video now.
1444 days ago
I think it happened when I deleted the directory \Call of Duty Black Ops III\sound_assets\tst
now the directory is back with the wav file in it again.
1444 days ago
Just a heads up. the user_aliases.csv appears to be on automatic update on you might want to take incremental backups of it. I woke up this morning and all my sounds were gone. The file was replaced with the default file with the test sound in it :-/
1445 days ago
remakes are usually done with 2 computers. One running the map you want to copy in a private match or something, then the other computer has the editor going. The time and effort simply not worth it.
1445 days ago
All the cod maps except cod1 and cod2 have encrypted maps, even BO2. The BO2 maps floating about are remakes.
1446 days ago
Am I not using it correctly ? In the ctrl+shift+r menu, you type the source texture you want to replace, and in the replace box it only shows clip textures ? Looks broken to me ?
1446 days ago
just go to entity list, find them in the list, selected hilighted.
1446 days ago
Hey guys,
Old bloke, and long term gamer here.
Been playing games and mapping most of them since the original Duke Nukem 3d, blood, doom, heretic, hexen, rise of the triad (told you I was old). I did a couple of maps for cod4 and world at war, but I have no idea where they are these days.
I'm mad keen to get back into the mapping scene with the release of these tools. I'm fairly sure BO3 is dead now, but with a bit of luck, we'll be able to polish it up with some nice shiny new maps and mods.
I've nearly finished my first map, which has taken around 20 hours so far...largely due to the re-learning factor. I'll contribute tutorials and answers to problems where ever I can.
You'll be seeing me around quite a bit.
1447 days ago
Perhaps you could elaborate a bit more on how to fix it for the OP :)

I had this problem myself a while ago.
I just took all the "new map" stuff minus the skybox, umbra, suntool, fpstool etc and pasted it into my new map.

Worked like a charm :)
1448 days ago
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This map was originally created by Psycofalc in 2008 for COD 4.
I remade it with extra scenery in around 2010.. calling it
Killingfields Plus.
This is the third re-iteration\imagining of this map.
I wanted to test the playability and scale before I finish it.

Since this video, I've added a creek on the left side, a rolled over truck, and started detailing the ground with grass and bushes. I've also added a dip under the truck i was unable to slide under, and glass wall-runner walls all the way around the map. Still need to finish the detail and add some atmospheric sounds.
1448 days ago
Hi folks, so I've done some modding on other games before and I  know it would never be as simple as just importing all the map files and it'd work, but is there any sort of tutorial besides the Wiki that I could have a read of to be able to do this sort of stuff? I pretty much wanna do some remakes of Black Ops 1 maps, pretty much just keep them the way they are for the most part but add Gobblegums and BO3 weapons, filter some textures in Photoshop, even if I just have to use the map layout and use The Giant scripts as I imagine I might have to do and hopefully import some features from maps like Moon etc.

Any help appreciated  8)

Black Ops 1 map files are encrypted, and no successful rips have been done apart from using 3D Ripper and 3D Ripper DX. That just rips it as a big Model file...which..IF you manage to get it into radiant, it will not have ANY clipping whatsoever, lighting wont reflect off textures, and you won't be able to re-texture it. Essentially, it will look old and crappy in a new engine, and you'll be breaking copyright laws.
1448 days ago


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