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Suggestion: You could get the weapons of Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare + the perks of Infinite Warfare and the magic wheel and put all this in the original zombies maps.
1252 days ago
BO3 weapons? Are not you going to put all the weapons on the same map? IW + BO3 weapons?
1257 days ago
Two bugs in weapons I found:
The SMR with Pack-a-Punch, is without sound of the shot
The Sliquifier is also without the sound of shooting
1352 days ago
How cool, the staffs and some weapons of the IW, looking forward to this new version :D
1413 days ago
Great map, congratulations on your work :)
Playing I noticed a failure, when we took the random perk, they give us two Deadshot Daiquiri, instead of just giving a perk, as is usual. This image, shows this better:
1418 days ago
I noticed a bug:
I was playing in Solo mode and it was with Quick Revive, and when I fell, instead of being dropped to resuscitate again, it ended the match, as if I was not with Quick Revive.
1458 days ago
(Content removed from quote.)
You are very critical, the console is a tool provided by the game itself, makes use of it who will, I see no problem getting angry about this.
1686 days ago
In this next update the cheats in the console could be activated in solo mode, for those players want to take advantage of the map without worrying about falls  :D
1689 days ago


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