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Have you added zones to your map, using info_volume? This tells the game when to activate certain zombie spawners.
If you have done that, make sure that you have added this into your map's .gsc file:
add_adjacent_zone( "zone_name",		"next_zone",	"enter_next_zone" );
(Replace the word in speech marks to your zone, the next zone, and then the same zone as the second but with "enter_" in front of it.
Make sure the zones have the correct KVPs added to them, or they won't work. 
Also make sure that your door and trigger KVPs are correct.
Use these tutorials to help you with adding zones:
488 days ago
You need to select 'codwaw.prj' and click open. This should allow Radiant to open.
510 days ago
Yeah, i literally haven't scripted in a while so i am very rusty
694 days ago
if( level.round_number >= 10 )
    thread your_function;
Put the code above in the main() function of your script.
Replace ‘10’ with the round you want your script to be used.
Replace ‘your_function’ with the name of your function. 
694 days ago
what is T4M?
T4M is a modification for WAW which increases the limits for assets and memory in your WAW mod. Just drag the.dll file into the WAW root folder. 
699 days ago
Make sure that after you edit the weapon file, you build your mod in Launcher. 
803 days ago
Instead of putting (solved) in the title mark your post as the best answer so that it has a green border.
850 days ago
If you have the disc version of WAW, you need to have the LANFixed.exe along with the .dll file.
861 days ago
When the error pops up, press the key below your ESC key and your SHIFT key at the same time. In the console it should display a more detailed error. Tell us what it says.
864 days ago
I don’t think there’s a stock rechargeable mountable LMG but adding bipeds and mounting animations is possible. Just follow everything on the UGX Wiki tutorial and it will work.
872 days ago
Hi guys, I thought it might be easier to stick these all in one post instead of creating multiple threads, so hoping someone can help me.

1.   Are there any topics that go through putting Zappers into a map? I am aware of the models and where they’re located, but I don’t know how to “wire” (ha) them up.
2.   Are there any topics that go through adding in a random box that moves?
3.   Are there any topics that go through adding Black Ops 1 perks in a WaW map?
4.   If you accidentally place a Key/Value on an object in the entity window, how do you remove it? (i.e. if I put a script_noteworthy on an object by mistake, I can delete the Value and leave it blank, but how do I remove an actual Key?)

I have tried Googling these things, but Google comes up with a lot of irrelevant results and I can’t seem to get the search function working on the UGX site.

There’s no need to explain each concept to me here (unless you want to) as I am sure there must be resources out there for these things already so I wouldn’t want anyone wasting too much time on me, but I am struggling to find them.

Many thanks.


1. I haven't actually ever used a Zapper in my maps before but I'm pretty sure you can use the script named:
(located in root/raw/maps)

Use this:
This is for the Flogger but I'm pretty sure it's the same principle.

2. Install SniperBolt's tutorial prefabs:

Inside one of his folders is a few box spawns which should automatically work if you replace your _zombiemode_weapons.gsc file (located in root/raw/maps or root/mods/mapname) with the script included in the Best Answer of this question:

3. Install HarryBo21's perks for BO1, BO2, and BO3 perks. Or for just BO1 perks you can install Bam's perks.


4. There is a button at the bottom of the Entity window which is called 'Delete Key' or something along the lines of that.

877 days ago
Do all of your info_volumes have the correct KVPs? They should look like this:

targetname = zone_name
target = zone_name_spawners

Your zombies may have incorrect KVPs also:

targetname        zone_name_spawners
script_forcespawn        1
script_noteworthy      zombie_spawner
spawnflags        3
count         9999

Make sure your doors have the correct KVPs:

targetname         auto(insert number)
spawnflags       1
script_vector          (vector)

And door triggers:

targetname       zombie_door
target            (name of door)
script_noteworthy              zombie_door
zombie_cost         500/750/1000/1250 etc.
script_flag           enter_zone_name

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And also make sure all of your zombie spawners have different targetnames and targets, or that will cause them to spawn in unopened zones.
877 days ago
If you say that you've installed it correctly, then it must be because of the uncut patch. Try installing the LANFixed.exe
877 days ago


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